NSLC - Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation
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In Nova Scotia we are fortunate to never be far from the ocean, a river, a lake or a stream. The quality of these waters is important to the NSLC, its employees and business partners due to the direct connection to our industry. Water is the main ingredient in all products sold by the NSLC and our manufacturers rely on a ready supply of clean water to produce quality beer, wine and spirits.


The NSLC Adopt-A-Stream program was created in 2010 in partnership with the Nova Scotia Salmon Association (NSSA) to improve water quality and celebrate Nova Scotia's wetlands, lakes, streams, rivers and estuaries. The program helps volunteer community groups across Nova Scotia protect and restore their local watersheds.  .


The NSLC, using the proceeds of its annual ECO Sale has made a five-year, $500,000 commitment to the NSLC Adopt-A-Stream program. The program will receive a minimum of $100,000 in annual funding from the partnership along with in-store promotion in all NSLC stores.


Global TV has joined as media sponsor with a series of television commercials showcasing the NSLC Adopt-A-Stream program. The NSSA continues to oversee and operate the NSLC Adopt-A-Stream program and supports the work of more than 40 volunteer community river associations throughout Nova Scotia.


For information about  the NSLC Adopt-A-Stream  and events begining in April 2013 visit the Adopt-A-Stream Facebook page or the NSLC Adopt-A-Stream website to find out about current projects and how you can get involved in your community.


The NSLC takes pride in being a responsible corporate citizen and is proud of the NSLC Adopt-A-Stream program. Join in the celebration as we work together to make Nova Scotia an even better place to live.


                  Bret Mitchell NSLC President & CEO, Carl Pursell NSSA President.

NSLC Adopt-a-Stream Videos:

Global NSLC Adopt-A-Stream (Colin)

Global NSLC Adopt-A-Stream (Cyndi)

NSLC Adopt-A-Stream Program