NSLC - Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation
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Don't Buy for Minors                                                                        Statistics outlined in the Nova Scotia Student Drug Use 2007 Report by Nova Scotia’s Office of Health Promotion and Protection show that the majority of alcohol consumed by minors is obtained by a sibling or friend who is of legal age or alcohol that has been taken from home without permission.

The NSLC’s Don’t Buy for Minors campaign is a reminder that buying alcohol for minors isn’t a favour – it’s a crime. This crime is punishable under the law and is just not the right thing to do.The NSLC is dedicated to keeping beverage alcohol out of the hands of minors and you can help us make sure it doesn’t happen. You are encouraged to be part of the solution and protect young people from harm by saying ‘no’ if anyone under 19 years of age approaches you to buy alcohol for them.