NSLC - Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation
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Purpose, Vision & Culture Statement

The NSLC’s Purpose and Vision statements as originally tabled in 2005, remains the guiding principles for the corporation for the next planning term. They are revised to clarify the NSLC’s enhanced commitment to responsible retailing and sustainable business practices across Nova Scotia’s communities.


The NSLC also takes this opportunity to restate its Culture statement and the behaviours that it believes are needed to deliver this strategic plan. The statements that guide the corporations in all of its efforts are:



To bring a world of responsible beverage enjoyment to Nova Scotia.


We aspire to this through our:



To be a superb retailer recognized for sustainable business performance 

      and engaging customer experience, eliciting the pride and  enthusiasm of Nova Scotians.


·     Living our Purpose and Vision entails culture that:

      Encourages innovation and creativity
Engages employees in achieving success
Is driven by customer needs
Demonstrates respect and dignity in all we do
Is a fun and healthy place to work
Advocates intelligent consumption and responsibility