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Beer Books and Magazines
If you’re searching for the perfect gift for the beer lover in your life, why not choose something that can feed that interest further?  There are plenty of books and magazines available that celebrate the history, making, trends and quality of beer around the world.  Here are just a few selections to consider:

Brewed in Canada:
The Untold Story of Canada's 300-Year-Old Brewing Industry
by Allen Winn Sneath
Canadian brewers have survived the persecution of the Temperance Movement and Prohibition, the Great Depression, two World Wars and the challenge of Free Trade. Today, brewing in Canada is a 10 billion dollar business whose one constant is change.

Sneath, the author, was one of the founders of the Algonquin Brewing Company, which is no longer in business.  His book covers the early colonial period, the rise of regional breweries, the consolidations sparked by E.P. Taylor's Canadian Breweries and the world of micro-brewing. Definitely comprehensive and a must-have for any Canadian beer aficionado.

World Beer Guide 
by Roger Protz

Roger Protz's World Beer Guide covers every facet of the popular brew, from the 'spontaneous fermentation' beers and the fruit beers of Belgium, to the revivalist porters and stouts of Britain and United States and the 'designer' beers of Mexico and Japan. It also features extensive coverage of the expanding beer markets of Russia, Eastern Europe and China.

Based in the UK, Roger Protz is a well-known name in international beer-writing circles. A two-time editor of the Camra Good Beer Guide, he has written a number of other books, including The Organic Beer Guide and Britain's 500 Best Pubs. He is a correspondent for Beers of the World magazine, a regular contributor to What's Brewing and Brewer's Guardian. He also has his own website at www.beer-pages.com. 

The Brewmaster's Table
by Garrett Oliver

The Brewmaster's Table is written for the gourmand beer lover. The book, authored by the brewmaster of the award-winning Brooklyn Brewery, explores the pleasures in the relationship between real beer and real food.  Oliver, who has been featured on numerous television and radio shows – including Emeril Live, Martha Stewart Living, National Public Radio and CNN as well as publications such as The New York Times, Gourmet and Saveur – traveled throughout Europe visiting fellow brewmasters to trace the beers of the world directly to their original sources.

All About Beer
This US-based magazine is packed with industry news, articles that study beer in depth and a ratings section that rates hundreds of beers.  All About Beer celebrates the world of beer culture, quality and appreciation, and features reviews, news travelogues and educational pieces from every corner of the beer world.  www.allaboutbeer.com

Beers of the World
The UK-based Beers of the World magazine was launched in August 2005, and became an online magazine in August 2009. Dedicated to tastings, with regular themed tastings and new releases, the World Beer Awards and the public show Beers Live, Beers of the World brought all its tasting talents together in one hub. www.tastingbeers.com

Taps: Canada’s Beer Magazine
TAPS Media produces a magazine that celebrates the world of Canadian beer ...and beyond. This publication covers everything from beer celebrities, craft beers, home brewing, to foreign beer destinations and everything in-between. TAPS is published four times per year. www.tapsmedia.ca



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