NSLC - Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation
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What does Corporate Responsibility mean to the NSLC? 
For starters, it's the NSLC's way of integrating economic, social and environmental priorities into daily operations. In addition to NSLC's legislated mandate around social responsibility, the NSLC strives for sustainability across all areas of the business. The NSLC is proud of the leadership and innovation the organization has demonstrated so far, and the goal is to continue building on this momentum.


The NSLC invites you to learn more about our growing commitment to the community, the environment and our overall approach to being a responsible retailer!


To learn more on an individual section, click on any of the tabs under Corporate Responsibility. To view the NSLC’s first Corporate Sustainability Report outlining all of the NSLC’s corporate social responsibility efforts click here:

CSR Report




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