KORE Values

So what are the values that help drive our business? We’re focused on creating a work environment built on collaboration and teamwork. Supported by an optimism in ourselves and Nova Scotia’s future, we hold each other accountable, celebrating creative thinking and idea sharing.
We are proactive teachers and learners. We take initiative to learn more about our products, our business and our customers and willingly share our knowledge with others while working in a professional manner.
We share a positive outlook and our efforts are considered to be worth every smile. We are passionate about serving our customers and excited about the NSLC’s future.
Responsible & Respectful
In being responsible, we commit to being held accountable for what we say and do. We maintain focus on our mandate by making well-informed choices and by doing what is right. WE think of our customers in everything we do and treat them with respect, while demonstrating respect for one another in pursuing our goals. The opinions, ideas, input and contributions of others matter.

We work collaboratively as one team, believing in our journey and are committed to achieving the NSLC’s goals and objectives in an environment based on trust and transparency.
Our KORE values are the ones we put into action that ultimately define our culture. Engagement comes from all the behaviours and actions being demonstrated and respected by all of us and reflected in our day-to-day operations. Optimism builds success. By working together as a team in a way that promotes growth, sharing and innovation, we can take the NSLC to the next level.