Non-Liquor Procurement Policies

We ensure all purchasing and tendering activity is conducted in a fair and open manner to ensure we obtain the best value in terms of delivery, products, services, site selection and technical expertise. Our policy is consistent with other provincial government departments, Agencies and Crown Corporations in accordance with the Province of Nova Scotia Sustainable Procurement Policy and Atlantic Procurement Agreement. Any tendering for construction work will be conducted in compliance with the standard documents issued by the Canadian Construction Association.

All corporate procurement efforts are managed by the Supply Chain Business Unit to ensure that the guidelines and procedures of this policy are followed by all employees involved in the procurement of material goods, facilities and services. We work hard to provide a transparent process for our vendor partners. For more information, please contact Tracey Darrigan, Procurement Manager by calling 902-450-5835 or email

For more information on the Government of Nova Scotia Tendering and Procurement Policies or to view NSLC tenders, please visit