Nova Scotians Discovering Local Whisky

 Halifax, February 1, 2018 – Nova Scotians will get a chance to taste some of the finest whiskies in the world at the NSLC Festival of Whisky next month – and some of them are made right here at home.

“We are delighted to be part of this great Festival, joining other Nova Scotia distillers, as together we showcase some of Canada’s finest whiskies,” said Glynn Williams, distiller and owner of Authentic Seacoast Distilling Company of Guysborough, which makes GLYNNEVAN
® whiskies. “There’s a sense of pride about what’s happening in Nova Scotia.  We are in the midst of forging a Nova Scotia distilling industry that can take on the world with our unique spirits expressions.  It is exciting to be part of this collaboration with the NSLC and the spirits industry.”


GLYNNEVAN ® Double Barreled Canadian Rye Whisky is a multiple medal winner at the prestigious San Francisco World Spirits Competition. While it certainly helps to have the endorsement of professional judges, as far as Williams is concerned what really matters is the opinion of the average consumer. “People taste our whiskies and they’re wowed by them,” he said.


Nova Scotians are discovering that our local industry is developing its own style. Authentic Seacoast’s GLYNNEVAN ® whiskies, for instance, include its award winning double barreled whiskey, as well as its triplebarreled whiskey using Fortress® Rum barrels, plus and its recently launched GLYNNEVAN ® 12 year old 100% STRAIGHT Rye.  All are matured on our beautiful seacoast and take on the unique character of our region.


Tickets for the NSLC Festival of Whisky go on sale today. The festival will feature more than 170 whisky selections from five countries with events that appeal to everyone from the curious newcomer to the whisky connoisseur. You’ll be able to meet Nova Scotia’s three local whisky producers and learn about their products, including the top seller from last year’s festival – Caldera Alhambra Sherry Finish. 


Whisky is the third most popular spirit sold by the NSLC, next to rum then vodka. At 65%, Canadian whisky makes up most of those whisky sales. The theme of this year’s Festival of Whisky is single malt scotch, which is the NSLC’s fastest growing whisky.  


Whisky also represents 65% of the NSLC’s specialty releases, which are based on customer demand, said Category Manager Curtis MacKenzie. “Our customers are asking for these products and our job is to meet that demand,” he said.


The festival has evolved from a one-day single Grand Tasting into a three-day event that includes two Grand Tastings, a single malt dinner, an evening to experience the distilleries of Scotland and a master class.


Interesting Facts:

Most expensive whisky at the Festival - $1,500 

What is it? - Laphroaig 27 Year Old Whisky and The Macallan Reflexion

Countries featured at this year’s festival – Japan, USA, Canada, Scotland, Ireland

Whisky producers in Nova Scotia – Caldera Distilling in River John; Glenora Distillery in Mabou; Authentic Seacoast in Guysborough

Whiskey vs. whisky – The Scots spell it whisky and that’s the spelling adopted in Canada while the Irish spell it whiskey, which is the spelling adopted in the U.S.

Whisky vs. Bourbon – Bourbon is a type of whisky made primarily from corn that must be aged in new charred oak barrels.  Bourbon derives its name from Bourbon County, Kentucky, where it originated. Whisky vs. Scotch – Scotch is a type of whisky that must be made in Scotland using malted barley and a pot still, distilled at a single distillery.



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