Celebrate Whisky Show Continues to Grow

Popularity of NSLC's Celebrate Whisky Show continues to grow

Hundreds gathered at Casino Nova Scotia in Halifax on March 5th to sip and savour their way through 160 whiskies from five different countries. The Celebrate Whisky Show brings together producers and products from Nova Scotia and around the world for a sampling event that offers both popular and rare varieties, including some that aren’t typically available at local NSLC stores.

This year’s event was the biggest ever. More than 700 whisky and scotch devotees attended over the course of the day, which included two tasting sessions and a special whisky pairing lunch, hosted by world-renowned Whisky expert Richard Paterson.

Three Nova Scotia distillers promoted their products at the show. Glenora Distillery of Glenville featured two products: Glen Breton Ice and House of Alister MacKenzie - both are single Malt Scotch. Authentic Seacoast Distilling of Guysborough featured its Glynnevan Double Barrel Rye Canadian Whisky, and Caldera Distilling of River John presented its Hurricane 5 Canadian Whisky. All of the local entrants were popular stops for show attendees.

“Whisky enjoys a loyal following here in Nova Scotia,” says Pius Walker, the NSLC’s Team Lead for Spirits. “It’s a community that’s very interested in learning more about the spirits they enjoy, and sharing what they learn with fellow whisky lovers.

”Whisky sales through the NSLC have been strong and growing over the past year. Total whisky sales in Nova Scotia during the corporation’s latest fiscal year (April 1 2014 to March 31, 2015) were almost $33 million. So far this year whisky sales are up by 5.3%.

Nova Scotia Whisky Facts

  • Glen Breton Ice was inspired by the suggestion of a fan of the whisky, and was first made in one of Jost Vineyard’s oak barrels that had previously been used to produce Ortega Ice Wine.
  • Hurricane 5 Whisky was named for a storm known as Hurricane #5 that was recorded within a barn on the Caldera distillery’s property. The words “October 18 1939 Storm” were found written in pencil on one of the beams.
  • ‘Glynnevan’ Canadian Rye Whisky is a tribute to Authentic Seacoast proprietor Glynn William’s son Evan and was named after both of them.

Whisky Facts

  • There are currently 178 regular whisky listings, and 205 One-Time-Only listings available at NSLC stores. 
  • The three best-selling whisky brands in Nova Scotia are Crown Royal, Canadian Club, and J.P. Wiser’s.
  • All three of the best-selling brands are made in Canada: Crown Royal’s distillery is in Manitoba, and both J.P. Wiser’s and Canadian Club are made in Ontario.
  • J.P. Wiser's is the oldest continuously produced Canadian Whisky, established in 1875

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