NSLC Welcomes New Vintage of Nova Scotia’s First and Only Signature Wine

The first and only signature wine in the province continues to grow in popularity with 12 wineries now producing Tidal Bay.

Created in 2012 to reflect the geography, coastal breezes and cooler climate of its birthplace, Tidal Bay provides local vintners with a signature wine designation like those found in other wine regions such as Chianti, Bordeaux and Burgundy.

To obtain the Tidal Bay designation, all wines must be made from specific grape varieties, include grapes grown only in Nova Scotia, follow a strict set of standards and be approved every year by an independent tasting panel. These standards were created by a committee of winemakers, sommeliers and wine experts, and are strictly enforced throughout the winemaking process, from growing to bottling.

"For anyone who hasn't yet tried a Tidal Bay wine, it truly is something not to be missed," said Tim Pellerin, vice-president, Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation (NSLC). "This distinctly Nova Scotian wine has been a customer favorite since first hitting shelves in 2012, embodying the fresh, crisp and bright style that Nova Scotia wines are known for.

"To help spread the word, we are hosting tastings in stores throughout June and July."

Tidal Bay has emerged as a high-growth opportunity for the wine industry. During its first full year of availability in 2013, more than 31,000 bottles were sold at the NSLC. Last year, sales climbed 34 per cent to more than 41,000 bottles, with similar growth expected this year.

"The NSLC has been a tremendous supporter of Tidal Bay from the very beginning, demonstrating its pride in promoting Tidal Bay as Nova Scotia's own wine in all aspects of its business," said Carl Sparkes, owner Devonian Coast Wineries in Malagash, Cumberland Co.

"This year's vintage promises to be even better than the last, and we hope Nova Scotians will be just as excited to try it as we were to make it. It's a great summer drink, and part of a new summer tradition here in Nova Scotia."

For more information go to http://winesofnovascotia.ca/tidal-bay/ or www.myNSLC.com.

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