Buyers Picks

Product selections from our buying team

Our Buyers hand-pick unique products for you that are inspired by the season and latest trends. Released for a limited time only, these curated picks are available in specific NSLC stores and online. Find out which NSLC stores have the Buyers' Picks sections here.

Browse the latest Buyers' Picks releases, available August 27 - November 11, 2018 (while quantities last):

Meet the Buyers

PETER ROCKWELL, Wine Buyer - New World
Peter has been buying, selling, tasting and writing about wine, beer and spirits for over 30 years. Joining the NSLC in 1984 while a student at Dalhousie University, he developed his passion for wine while working at our first Port of Wines store in Halifax. Having worn many product-related hats at the NSLC over the years, Peter is currently the Category Manager for New World wines. WSET Level 3 certified, he has traveled to over 25 countries in search of new products to bring to our shelves. Look for him online @TheRealWineGuy.    

JENNIFER KATONA, Wine Buyer - Old World
Jennifer’s passion for all things wine has led to a diverse career in the alcohol beverage industry across Canada and abroad. Having made Halifax her home for the last decade, she is currently the Category Manager for Old World wines at the NSLC as well as responsible for leading and educating our team of Retail Product Specialists. Jennifer is accredited with WSET Level 3 and is presently enrolled in the Diploma qualification. She enjoys any opportunity that blends people, wine and food! 

Curtis is the primary buyer for spirits and liqueurs, supporting the NSLC retail network. Along with his Wine and Spirit Education Trust (WSET) Level 2 certification, Curtis has spent time in Scotland and Mexico learning from renowned whisky and tequila distilleries firsthand. Curtis is excited to share unique product selections from around the world through the NSLC’s Buyers' Picks.