1. Do I need an account to place an order?

    You do not need to create an account  to place an order; you can check out as a guest. 

  2. Do you store my email address for future email communications?

    The NSLC only collects personal information about you if it relates directly to and is necessary to operate a service, program or activity of the NSLC, or if a law authorizes or requires us to collect it. To learn more please review our privacy statement.

  3. How do I access my shopping cart?

    To access your shopping cart at any time, click the shopping cart icon at the top right corner of the page. 

  4. How do I cancel my order?

    Please call our team Monday-Saturday 8:00am-6:00pm at 1-800-567-5874 to request the cancellation of your order. If we cannot cancel the order in time, you can return it to a store nearest you for a refund

  5. How secure is my credit card online?

    Our credit card processing software is among the best available today for secure online commerce transactions. It encrypts all your personal information, including credit card number, name and address, so it cannot be read as it travels over the Internet. 

  6. What happens if a product is out of stock online?

    You can check the website later to see if an item is back in stock, or you can check availability at your store. Unfortunately, we cannot create a back order for a product that is out of stock.

  7. What type of payment is required to place an order?

    Payment can be made using a credit card. VISA (including VISA debit), MasterCard and American Express are accepted. Complete payment information, including credit card account number, security code, and expiry date must be provided at time of ordering.

  8. Who do I contact if I’m having technical difficulties when ordering?

    For assistance or to report any technical difficulties, please contact our team Monday-Saturday 8:00 am-6:00 pm at 1-800-567-5874 or ContactUs@myNSLC.com

  9. Why did my items in my cart disappear?

    We can only hold products in your cart for a period of time. After 40 minutes of inactivity, your session will time out and products will be removed from your shopping cart, to ensure these products can be made available to the next customer. 

  10. Why should I create an account?

    By creating an account you can review the status of your current and past orders, identify your store, and curate your own list of products for easier online shopping using the “Add to my list” feature. 

  1. How often does new inventory come in at The Port?

    We frequently review our product selection to ensure a diverse offering, and we’re always getting new and unique products. Check The Port products page to look for new products or ask our team at The Port. 

  2. What is different about The Port from other NSLC stores?

    The Port offers our most unique selection of specialty products from around the world. Many products won’t be found in other NSLC stores and are available in limited quantities. Visit The Port page to learn more

  3. Where can I park my car to shop at The Port in downtown Halifax?

    Enjoy complimentary one hour customer parking in the designated parking spots located in our  underground parking lot on Birmingham Street. Parking tickets are validated with a purchase from The Port. 

  4. Where is The Port?

    The Port’s full experience store is in downtown Halifax at 5485 Clyde Street. There are also Port Sections within some of our NSLC store across the province where you will find a selection of specialty products. Find out which locations have Port sections by visiting myNSLC.com/Stores.

  1. Do I earn Air Miles® on my regular purchases?

    Customers earn 1 Air Miles® reward mile for every $30 spent each month excluding all discounts, all taxes, bottle and container deposits, gift card purchases, event tickets, environmental and other third-party fees. Gift card redemptions do qualify for Air Miles®.

    Air Miles cannot be used in cannabis purchases.

  2. How do I register for an Air Miles® card?

    Get your Air Miles® card today by visiting airmiles.ca.

  3. How long will it take to see my NSLC Air Miles®?

    Please allow for up to 60 days from final sale purchase date for reward miles to be credited to your Air Miles® Account. 

  4. I didn’t get the Air Miles® I was expecting.

    Please allow for up to 60 days from final sale purchase date for reward miles to be credited to your Air Miles® Account. 

    If your miles do not appear in your account after the 60 days, please contact our team Monday-Saturday 8:00 am-6:00 pm at ContactUs@myNSLC.com or 1-800-567-5874 if you have any concerns about missing miles. 

  5. What are bonus Air Miles®?

    These are products with specially marked limited time only Air Miles® offers while supplies last. Look for them in-store, on the Air Miles® app, in Air Miles® emails or browse our Bonus Air Miles® offers 

  1. Can I make suggestions for products?

    We welcome your feedback and suggestions. Please send your suggestions to ContactUs@myNSLC.com for consideration by our category teams 

  2. Can I order a product that’s not currently available in NSLC stores?

    If you would like to purchase a product that is not currently available in our stores, our special orders desk can help. Keep in mind that depending on where the product is travelling from, special orders can take time. There will also be minimum purchase requirements and additional charges for shipping and handling. Visit our Special Orders page for more information

  3. How can I find out if a specific product is available?

    Use our search at the top right of the website and type in the product name. Once you have found the product, click “Check store availability” (located under the product price) to see what stores carry this product. Please note that inventory amounts are kept as up to date as possible, but you may want to call ahead to confirm – especially if inventory amounts appear low. You can also inquire about a product with a team member at any of our NSLC stores. 

  4. How do you decide what products to sell in NSLC stores or online?

    We do our best to offer a variety of products that Nova Scotians love to buy. We use NSLC sales data and insights, customer feedback, store teams' feedback, and industry trends to determine what is popular and what is not, and then we adjust our offerings on a regular basis. We strive to provide a superb customer experience, but we cannot carry every listed product in every single store.

  5. How do you set the prices for the products you sell?

    To maintain price stability where possible, the NSLC has two major pricing reviews annually. The review process allows price adjustments to offset the increasing cost of doing business. These costs include currency changes, labour, energy, transportation, materials, and taxes. Some price adjustments are initiated by the NSLC and some by the suppliers.  

    Beverage Alcohol products have an established floor price, which is what the NSLC calls a social reference price. The social reference prices are re-assessed with our bi-annual Pricing Review Process. 

  6. How long is craft beer good for after I buy it?

    The shelf life of craft beer is about six months. It will last a little longer if it is refrigerated.

  7. How often are new products made available?

    We frequently review our products to ensure a diverse offering. Check our New Arrivals to discover new products or ask one of our team members in-store for what is new. 

  8. I had a issue with a product I purchased at one of your stores, what should I do?

    If you discover a safety issue related to a product you have purchased at one of our stores, we want to know about it right away. To determine whether it is an isolated problem, or one that could affect more than one item, please tell us know where you bought it, when, and what the safety issue is in as much detail as possible. If possible, we would like to have the product returned to us right away, we'll investigate the issue and advise the producer. If there is a problem with the product, we will immediately remove it from our shelves and alert our customers.  

    We will also provide you with a refund or exchange for your purchase. Please bring the item to your nearest NSLC store to receive your refund/exchange. You can also review our return policy.  

    You can contact our team Monday-Saturday 8:00am-6:00pm at 1-800-567-5874 or ContactUs@myNSLC.com

  9. What are container deposit fees?

    Container deposit fees are applied to all beverage alcohol products. Fifty percent of the deposits will be refunded when you return containers through the ENVIRO-DEPOT™ network

  10. What local products do you carry?

    We offer more than 700 local products, and you will find our largest selection of local products in our NSLC Signature and Nova Centre stores. Discover all local products and learn more about our local producers by visiting our Proudly Nova Scotian section.

  11. Why are there limited quantities of certain products?

    We work hard to give our customers variety and new selections throughout the year. We do that with our One-Time-Only (OTO) listings. Our OTO products are evaluated based on our sales data and insights. These products are kept on our shelves only if their sales are strong, otherwise they are delisted.  

    In some cases, we can only access certain quantities of products from our supplier partners, or the product is produced only in limited amounts. Therefore, some products may only be available while supplies last.  

    We also only have a limited amount of space in our stores, and we need to make sure our product mix meets our customers’ preferences.  

    Please speak with our store team members to find out more about the OTO products available. If you would like to share some ideas or have some feedback, please email us at ContactUs@myNSLC.com

  12. Will supply chain issues impact product availability at the NSLC?

    Certain products my be temporarily unavailable due to Canada-wide inventory, and global supply chain issues. This is an evolving situation, and may impact various products and regions at different times. If you’re unable to find your preferred product, we encourage you to ask our team for a recommendation so they can help you discover an alternate choice based on your preferences.

  1. Do you support local charities or fundraisers?

    Yes. We are committed to supporting organizations and initiatives that work to build healthy and sustainable communities in our province. Our goal is to help everyone find moments of positive care and connection to help create a stronger Nova Scotia. We do this through investing in three areas: Community Wellbeing, Our Environment and Responsibility Stewardship. Stay updated on our commitment and the good we give at mynslc.com/community 

  2. How do I submit a request for corporate sponsorship or donation?

    To request support, or, to ask for more information about our sponsorship and donation programs, please email CSR@mynslc.com

  3. How does the NSLC ensure its operations are environmentally sustainable?

    We are committed to reducing our environmental footprint and stewarding the preservation of our natural resources to contribute to the health and sustainability of our communities. We do this through operational efficiencies, waste management efforts and our community investment program. 

  4. What are valid forms of ID?

    We accept the following forms of photo ID: 

    Provincial Driver's License* 

    Provincial ID Card Canadian 

    Permanent Resident Card 

    Secure Certificate of Indian Status 

    Out of Province Provincial Health Card (with picture) 

    Government Issued Passport 

    Canadian Citizen Certificate 

    Canadian Firearms License 


    Two pieces of secondary ID may be accepted. One from each category (photo ID and proof of age) are required if you do not have any primary identification. 

    These include**: 

    For Photo ID 

    Canadian Forces Card 

    Civilian ID Card (Dept. of Defense) 

    For Proof of Age 

    Birth Certificate 

    NS Provincial Health Card 

    *The 30-day temporary driver’s license with the expired Driver’s License or ID card will be accepted only until the expiration date on the Temporary Driver’s License has expired. Expired ID will not be accepted on an on-going basis. 

    **If you renewed your Driver’s License online and are awaiting your new card, a combination of the expired card and the digital or printed proof of renewal from Service Nova Scotia will be acceptable.

  1. What if I can’t make my return at the store? I have accessibility issues.

    Please contact our team at ContactUs@myNSLC.com or 1-800-567-5874 Monday-Saturday 8:00 am-6:00 pm to inquire about other options. 

  2. What is your return policy?

    Any product purchased at one of our stores or online can be returned at any NSLC store as long as it’s unopened, in its original condition and accompanied by the original sales receipt within thirty (30) days of purchase. The return will be credited to the original method of payment. 
    Returns without a receipt are processed as an exchange for a product of equal value, or greater value if you pay the full difference in price. 
    You can return defective or broken product to any NSLC store for a full exchange or refund, and you don’t need to provide a receipt. However, you will have to provide your name, address and telephone number to the NSLC store employee. We collect that information so that we can verify for our suppliers that the problem was discovered by one of our customers.  

    Review our full return policy.  

  1. How can I apply for a job at the NSLC?

    All available opportunities to work at the NSLC are posted on our Careers page. Application instructions are included in each job listing.   

    Please note that we only accept resumes for posted positions.  

    Applications submitted for positions in our retail stores are kept on file in the store for a period of six months. 

  1. Can I bring my pet into an NSLC store with me?

    Service animals that have been specifically trained to provide support to an individual with a disability are welcome in our stores. You may be asked by an employee if your pet is a service pet. Customers entering the store with pets, other than service animals, will be politely asked to take their animal outside the store before they are served. 

    In all other cases, in order to keep our customers and their pets safe, we ask that you to refrain from bringing pets of any kind into our stores.

  2. Can I pick up my online order at a store?

    Orders placed online cannot be picked up at a store. All orders will be sent to the delivery address that was provided during the checkout process. If you need to change the delivery address, please contact our team at 1-800-567-5874 or ContactUs@myNSLC.com Monday-Saturday 8:00 am-6:00 pm and we would be happy to help you. 

  3. What are private wine and specialty stores?

    There are currently five private wine and specialty stores in Nova Scotia that offer different product selections not found in NSLC stores. These stores provide customers with access to a variety of unique products, and at the same time provide business opportunities for Nova Scotia entrepreneurs. Learn more about these stores: 

    Bishop's Cellar 

    WestSide Beer Wine Spirits 

    RockHead Wine & Beer Market 

    Harvest Wines & Spirits 

    Liquid Assets NS 

  4. What are your store hours?

    Our store hours vary by location. Please visit our stores page for information on store hours.  

  5. What is an agency store?

    Agency stores are authorized by the NSLC to sell beverage alcohol. There are currently over 60 agency stores in Nova Scotia, and many are operated by retailers in rural communities that are too small to support regular-sized NSLC retail stores. See a list of our current agency stores.

  1. Can I import beverage alcohol into Nova Scotia?

    Nova Scotians can import beverage alcohol into the province from other countries only if they have been in those countries in the last 6 months  and  are importing from the country you travelled in using an import license. You can get more details and the license application by contacting customs@mynslc.com 

  2. How can I do business with the NSLC?

    We are a provincial Crown Corporation and we follow the purchasing guidelines of the province of Nova Scotia.   

    For more information about how you can do business with us, visit our Procurement and Tendering Policies page

  3. How do I apply for a liquor license?

    If you plan to serve, sell, or produce beverage alcohol, or use it as an ingredient in a product for sale or public use in Nova Scotia, you’ll need to obtain a liquor license.  

    If you would like to obtain a liquor license for a special event such as a wedding, fundraiser or other community event, those licenses are issued by Alcohol, Gaming, Fuel and Tobacco. You can reach their licensing office at (902) 424-6160. There’s also more information on their website.  

    The application forms and detailed requirements for all other liquor licenses are available on our Permits page.  

    Permit applications are also available at the NSLC’s Head Office & Distribution Centre located at 93 Chain Lake Drive, Bayers Lake Industrial Park, Halifax, Nova Scotia, or by calling out team at 1-800-567-5874 or ContactUs@myNSLC.com 

  1. How can I get tickets to the Festival of Whisky or Festival of Wines?

    The impact of COVID-19 has changed how we are hosting events. To ensure we are keeping the safety of our team, customers and suppliers top of mind, we have made the decision to cancel The NSLC Festival of Wines and The NSLC Festival of Whisky in 2021. We have cancelled the Festival of Wines for 2022 and will make a decision soon on next year’s Festival of Whisky. 

    As we continue to explore new ways of staying connected, be sure to follow along on social media (@theNSLC on Facebook & Instagram) for the latest updates about our events. 

  1. Can I buy an NSLC gift card online?

    You can purchase an NSLC gift card online via the Staples gift card shop.  

  2. Can I pay with an NSLC gift card when I am shopping online?

    No. We are unable to redeem NSLC gift cards online.

  3. Can I use NSLC Gift Cards at Agency Stores?

    No. NSLC Gift Cards are only accepted at our corporate stores. Our Agency store partners do not accept NSLC gift cards as payment.

  4. How can I check my gift card balance?

    Use our Gift Card Balance tracker. You’ll need to enter the code on the back of your gift card. 

  5. My gift card didn’t work when I tried to use it. What can I do?

    If you have purchased or received a gift card and were unable to redeem the balance, there are a few possible reasons:   

    The gift card may not have been activated. In this case, you’ll need to obtain the purchase receipt, and present the card and receipt to the store where you bought it (if it wasn’t an NSLC store), so that they can activate the gift card for you.  Keep in mind that at some vendors, it can take up to 24 hours from the time it is uploaded for the card to be activated and ready to use.   

    The gift card may not have a balance. You can visit the Gift Card Checker to confirm the balance on your NSLC gift card.   

    If a gift card has a balance, but the card isn’t working due to damage or some other reason, we may be able to help. Present the card to an NSLC team member at one of our stores.   

    Please note: 

    The NSLC is not able to activate a gift card if you don’t have a receipt, as we have no proof of purchase. Please go back to the store where you bought the gift card to resolve the issue.  

    Other retailers that sell our gift cards are not able to process gift card returns. For gift card purchases made at those stores, you will need to bring the card into an NSLC store.