Cheers to Good Choices

Cheers to Good Choices

“Cheers.” It's a small word to celebrate big things. For us, it's simply a way to say “thanks”. 

So cheers to the people who get you to your next stop, and to those who know when it's time to go. To the friends who have the best snacks to share and to those who know when they've had enough. To the hosts who always have a place for you to turn in. And to our Nova Scotian way of looking out for one another.  Cheers to the good times we're known for, and to the good choices that make them possible. 

Cheers to consuming responsibly and getting home safe.


Photo of team member Matt

Good Tip from Coors

If you're hitting the slopes this season, ensure you do so responsibly. Nobody likes a hazard on the hill so keep yourself safe by waiting to have a drink until you get back to the lodge and are finished skiing or riding for the day.  

Cheers to those who get their chill on after the hill from Coors Light and the NSLC. 

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Make sure to have food or snacks available when hosting so your guests don’t consume alcohol or cannabis on an empty stomach. Try one of our suggestions below, or discover more holiday recipes.
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Baking Spice & Bacon Squash Soup
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Vanilla Cinnamon Coffee
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