NSLC team member looking at a customers ID in the cannabis section of the store

NSLC ID Practices & Service Refusal Scenarios

As a responsible retailer, the safe sale of beverage alcohol and cannabis, including the prevention of sales to minors or persons under the influence, is fundamental to our mandate. 

Did you know that every year our retail team challenges more than two million customers who appear under the age of 30 for valid identification? This is an important way that our team fulfills our responsibility mandate by helping to keep our products out of the hands of minors.

We can refuse service when:

1. A customer cannot produce a valid form of ID to confirm they are over 19.
2. There is suspicion of purchase for a minor.
3. There is suspicion of being under the influence.

Our team members receive Responsible Retailing Training to help respond to these scenarios. 

Be Prepared with Your Valid ID

  • If you appear under the age of 30, you must have your valid ID ready when shopping in store. Anyone who is accepting a home delivery order or cannabis delivery order must be able to produce valid ID.
  • A valid ID must be produced once requested, regardless of your age, or our team may deny the sale.
  • A companion with an ID will not be able to make the purchase on your behalf.
  • If you are accompanied by a young adult who cannot produce a valid ID if requested, our employees may refuse the sale.
  • We do not accept expired IDs or digital copies or photos of IDs, with the exception of an expired driver’s license accompanied by a temporary 30-day driver's license (digital or printed) is acceptable up to the expiration of the expired license. 

We accept the following valid forms of Primary ID (government issued, photo ID with a birth date and expiry). IDs that do not meet these criteria will not be accepted.

  • Provincial Driver's License* 
  • Provincial ID Card Canadian 
  • Permanent Resident Card 
  • Secure Certificate of Indian Status 
  • Out of Province Provincial Health Card (with picture) 
  • Government Issued Passport 
  • Canadian Citizen Certificate 
  • Canadian Firearms License 

Out of country driver’s licenses and ID cards are not an acceptable form of primary identification. A passport or NEXUS card will only be accepted as primary ID for out of country customers. 

Secondary ID can be accepted to validate the age of a customer or reinforce that the primary ID presented is valid. If using supplemental ID only, one piece is required from each category below:

For Photo ID:

  • Canadian Forces Card 
  • Civilian ID Card (Dept. of Defense)
  • University ID 
  • NS Apprenticeship ID 

For Proof of Age:

  • Birth Certificate 
  • NS Provincial Health Card 

Corporate Social Responsibility is foundational to who we are. Thank you for understanding that a service refusal is not an easy choice made by our team, but is essential to our commitment to our mandate to ensure the responsible sale of the products we offer. 

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