Cannabis Need to Know


In Nova Scotia, the legal age to purchase, consume and possess cannabis is 19. You must also be 19 or older to enter the cannabis section of our stores. If you look under 30 years old, please have you ID ready. 

Low and Slow

Cannabis affects everyone differently, and varying amounts, types and forms can cause different lengths and levels of impairment. Begin with low THC percentages and slowly learn how you react. Everyone's experience is unique. 

Separate is Best

Alcohol and cannabis both impair judgment. They should be consumed separately as the level of impairment and side effects can be unpredictable when combined. 

Store Securely 

Store cannabis securely - somewhere that's locked, out of reach and out of sight of minors. The maximum amount of cannabis you can purchase is 30 grams. 

Get Home Safely

Cannabis can impair your ability to operate a vehicle. Make other plans for transportation, do not drive and get home safely.