Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do I need an access code to purchase cannabis online?

    Yes. An access code is required for the NSLC’s cannabis website. Rigorous age-gating is required to make sure no one under 19 years of age has access to this website.

  2. I want to purchase cannabis online. Where can I get an online access code?

    Online access codes are available in all NSLC stores. Please be prepared to present valid proof of age.

  3. Do I have to enter an online access code every time I go to the website?

    Yes. Once you have a code, you can re-use it.

  4. Is this online access code connect to my personal information?

    No. There is no connection to your personal information or your account.

  5. Which stores can I purchase recreational cannabis from?

    Recreational cannabis is sold in 12 stores that are in population hubs in the province. They are the Amherst Mall, Antigonish, Dufferin St. in Bridgewater, Portland Street in Dartmouth, Joseph Howe Drive and Clyde Street in Halifax, Downsview Plaza in Lower Sackville, New Minas, Sydney River, Court Street in Truro, Yarmouth and East Side New Glasgow.  All except the Clyde Street store will have retail cannabis sold at a store within our store. Clyde Street will be a stand-alone store.

  6. Are you planning to sell cannabis in more stores?

    We believe these 12 locations is a good way for us to enter the cannabis market. This market is brand new and we want to make sure we can adapt as the market matures and not assume too much at first. These 12 locations are the start – there may be additional locations in the future as we begin to better understand how our customers interact with cannabis and the demands for the product.

  7. If you are selling recreational cannabis in your stores, how will you keep it out of view of minors if they are in the store with their parent or guardian?

    Those under the age of 19 are not permitted in the area of a store where cannabis is for sale. And, as always, unaccompanied minors are not permitted to remain in the store at all. This means that if you come to a store to purchase cannabis, you cannot bring a minor with you into the store.

  8. How will you ensure that this product is sold responsibly?

    We have conducted extensive employee training as a key component of our responsible sales mandate and are confident that our team has every resource necessary to sell this product responsibly. They have received specific education and training regarding the products, understanding the law and the responsible sale of recreational cannabis to prevent sales to anyone under 19. Rest assured, we have experience and expertise in the distribution and sale of a controlled substance and the NSLC is ready to deliver on our new mandate. 

  9. How will you verify customers who buy recreational cannabis in your stores or online are 19 years of age?

    As is currently the case with the sale of beverage alcohol, customers will have to provide valid identification confirming they are at least 19 years old. CLICK HERE for information on valid ID.

  10. Will you be hiring more people, and will they include employees currently selling cannabis in private stores?

    Yes, we anticipate we will need to hire additional employees. We are treating cannabis like a new product category that will be co-located with beverage alcohol. Our retail employees will sell both cannabis and beverage alcohol products so there will not be positions dedicated exclusively to cannabis sales.

  11. Will you be changing the name of the NSLC given your new mandate?

    That’s one of the details that hasn’t been finalized yet. We are very proud of the brand we have developed at the NSLC. When decisions have been made, we will let you know what retailing in this new product will mean in terms of our visual identity.

  12. How much money do you think you are going to make off cannabis sales?

    It’s not yet clear how much profit will be made from selling recreational cannabis, and making a profit is not an objective of the government’s public policy. The objective of establishing a safe, secure and regulated market for recreational cannabis in Nova Scotia is to restrict youth access to cannabis, deter and reduce criminal activity and protect public health through education. 

  13. Will selling cannabis impact your beverage alcohol sales?

    We will continue to deliver beverage alcohol responsibly and with knowledgeable staff who are able to answer your questions. We expect some impact since we will have to make room within some of our stores to accommodate cannabis.

    Also, research has shown that the availability of recreational cannabis does lead to a reduction in alcohol sales, regardless of whether it is sold in the same store or elsewhere.

  14. Where are you sourcing your cannabis from?

    Our products will come from several federally licensed producers, which will enable us to offer a variety of formats and strains. 

  15. Will customers who use cannabis for medical purposes be able to get it at your stores?

    The NSLC does not provide medical cannabis. Our mandate is to provide the safe and secure supply of recreational cannabis. The production and sale of medical cannabis is overseen by the federal government so customers eligible to use medical cannabis will continue to access it from federal licensed sellers.