Cooler Discovery Guide

Find your new favourite coolers!

Coolers first hit the market in the 1980’s as primarily wine-based products. But since then the world of coolers has grown exponentialy. You can now find flavourful coolers made with a wide range of liquor bases, such as rum, vodka, gin, tequila or malt.

A sweet (or spicy) alternative to beer, wine or cider, coolers are a refreshing pre-mixed option for social gatherings.

Our Cooler Discovery Guide will introduce you to the many cooler flavours and sweetness levels you can expect to find at your local NSLC. Take a look around and you’re sure to find a new favourite.

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We’ve organized each of our coolers into four distinct, colour-coded taste profiles. You’ll find each cooler’s Taste Profile right on the shelf along with its price. Here, you’ll also see a short description of the kinds of flavours you can expect with that profile, as well as the type of base alcohol mixed into the cooler.

A lime Cooler guide, Lightly Sweet, labelling: Taste Profile, Style, Flavours, and Base

Lightly Sweet

Refreshing with just a slight sweetness, allowing the cooler’s key flavours to shine through.

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A pink Cooler guide, Spicy, labelling: Taste Profile, Style, Flavours, and Base


Refreshingly sweet and bursting with luscious flavours. Some of these coolers can double-up as a dessert!

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A yellow Cooler guide, Spicy, labelling: Taste Profile, Style, Flavours, and Base

Medium Sweet

Not too sweet and not too tart, these coolers have a satisfying flavour balance and a crisp finish.

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A red Cooler guide, Spicy, labelling: Taste Profile, Style, Flavours, and Base


Not at all sweet, showcasing spicy flavours that will have a slightly fiery linger on your palate.

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Here’s the info you’ll find at shelf.

  1. ① Taste Profile

    Similar to cider, coolers have different levels of sweetness – they can also be spicy! There are four different Taste Profiles that you’ll find within the coolers category – Lightly Sweet, Medium Sweet, Sweet and Spicy. Look for one of these four icons at shelf to find the profile that bests suits your tastes.

  2. ② Style

    Style describes what the main flavour ingredients of the cooler is. There are six different styles – Fruity, Berry, Citrus, Tropical, Creamy or Classic. Classic describes the combination of flavours that define classic cocktails and mixed drinks such as Caesars, Cosmopolitans or Long Island Iced Teas.

  3. ③ Flavours

    A cooler’s flavours are determined by a number of factors, including the ingredients used. The most distinct flavours that you’ll find in the cooler are listed here on the product’s shelf card, and can range from dragonfruit to candy cane!

  4. ④ Base

    This is where you’ll find out what type of alcohol the cooler product has been mixed with – whether it’s rum, vodka, gin, tequila, wine or malt-based!