Happy 10th Anniversary NOVA 7


Happy 10th Anniversary NOVA 7

Ten years ago, a small, experimental idea was hatched at a Nova Scotia winery - to pioneer a new style of wine that celebrates, and benefits from, Nova Scotia’s unique location and geography. Nova 7 was that wine and Benjamin Bridge was the trailblazing winery that created a wine that transformed, and continues to distinguish, the Nova Scotia wine landscape.

The name, “Nova 7” encompasses so much of the story of what makes this wine unique, in both concept and flavour. “Nova” pays homage to our province and the winemakers’ commitment to creating a wine that could only be made in the unique terroir (climate and overall growing conditions) of Nova Scotia. Benjamin Bridge is located in the heart of the Gaspereau Valley on the Bay of Fundy, which means Nova 7 benefits from a microclimate that has a moderating effect on the area. The result is an additional freshness in the grapes as the acidity is preserved during the longer growing season.

“Nova”, Latin for “new”, also reflects the inspired, even audacious, idea to create a new style of wine. The delightful end result of the Bay of Fundy terroir, and the Muscat grape that makes up the majority of the varietal blend, is a slightly “effervescent” style of wine with tropical aromas and flavours of fresh fruit, balanced by a refreshingly crisp acidity.

The “7” is a tribute to 2007, the year the wine was first was made available to us lucky Nova Scotians, who immediately embraced it as our own. And it’s why, ten years later, we are celebrating a wine that has garnered a long list of “first” and “best” accolades, in such a short period of time.

In fact, there are so many reasons to applaud this exceptional wine that we thought the most appropriate way to acknowledge its 10th Anniversary is with the “Top 10 Reasons to Love Nova 7”. Enjoy!

Top 10 Reasons to Love Nova 7

10. Number 1 selling white wine in Nova Scotia
9. First local wine to outperform international imports
8. First Nova Scotia wine to be released in all Canadian provinces
7. One of the few 100% premium Nova Scotia wines to be exported internationally
6. Critically acclaimed, including being called “an East Coast trailblazer” by the The Globe and Mail, just four years after first vintage
5. Has played a significant role in establishing Nova Scotia as a wine region -  locally, nationally and internationally
4. Artisanal approach of minimal intervention in the cellar means each vintage reveals something special and unique from the other
3. Supports local producers by sourcing grapes from 15 growers in the Annapolis Valley
2. Has helped establish Wine Tourism as a “must-do” activity for locals as well as visitors

And the number one reason to love Nova 7 is the wine itself. In the glass, a light coral hue hints at the delightful and refreshing taste to follow. Aromas of ripe peaches, jasmine and lychee nectar greet the nose, with the palate being immediately captivated by both a slight effervescence and bright notes of tart cherries and mango puree. This enticing combination of aromatic intensity and weightlessness finishes with a suggestion of starfruit and sea minerals.

So congratulations to Nova 7 on its 10th Anniversary and to you, Nova Scotia, for being the first to embrace this wine for its quality and local roots. Not surprisingly the rest of Canada, and the world, soon followed.

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