A glass of whiskey with ice cubs on a wooden table
  • 3 Steps

How to properly "nose" whisky.

Be sure to set the stage for a clean tasting session. If you “nose” in a room with strong ambient scents (from cooking food, or a fireplace), you’re sure to sabotage your senses.

Here's how you do it

  • Step1

    Pour whisky into a “snifter” glass (a tumbler will work too), swirl glass to release aromas.

    Properly nose whisky step 1
  • Step2

    To identify sweet notes, tip the glass toward you slightly, dip your nose in, inhale and enjoy notes of vanilla and caramel.

    Properly nose whisky step 2
  • Step3

    To identify grain notes, hold the far rim of the glass to your nose, inhale and enjoy scents that can include bread and peat.

    Properly nose whisky step 3