New Arrivals

New Arrivals

Dozens of new products are arriving this summer at the NSLC, and there have never been so many fresh flavours to choose from.

Perfect Pairings

'Tis the season for summer BBQs. Be sure to leave room at the table for one of these great new wines that pair perfectly with grilled seafood or veggies. Discover all perfect pairings!

Pink Lemonade

Think pink with these trendy favourites that make a flavourful addition to summer sipping. Pair with grilled veggies or salads. Discover all pink lemonade flavours! 

Full Flavours

There are so many new tastes to discover this summer, and these new arrivals pack a ton of flavour. Try one over ice, with a fresh fruit garnish. Discover all full flavours!

Light & Refreshing Choices

These low calorie, fizzy favourites are made for warm summer days - and there have never been so many flavours to choose from. Serve these lighter choices alongside summer salads and fresh, local fruits. Discover all light and refreshing flavours! 

Simple Sippers

Summer doesn't stick around for long in Nova Scotia, so spend less time prepping and more time soaking up the weather with one of these pre-mixed sippers. Discover all pre-mixed cocktails! 

Local Love

Our choice to buy local directly supports the people and businesses in the communities we love. Let's explore flavours from home and show some love to our local producers. Discover all new local products!