Get to know Avondale Sky wines.

Vineyard with a church in the distance, blue skies and rolling hills in the background

The Avondale Sky vineyard is one of the oldest in Nova Scotia. The winery, however, is among the newest. Recipient of a 2014 and 2016 Lieutenant Governor’s Award of Excellence in Nova Scotia Wine, Avondale Sky has certainly earned its place among the respected local wineries of the province.

Nestled on the Avon Peninsula, surrounded by the ever-changing tidal landscape of the St. Croix and Avon Rivers, this relative newcomer to the Nova Scotia wine scene is surrounded by rolling hills and the panoramic Avondale sky. In this peaceful place, the vintner’s art is alive, creating extraordinary wines—whites, reds, rosés and icewine. But the wonderful wines are just part of this fascinating story. 

The evolution from vineyard to winery has been a journey. Rather than construct a new winery, the decision was made to salvage an old barn along the St. Croix River ten kilometres from the local vineyard. While it was being dismantled to be transported to its new home, offers to rescue other barns began to trickle in. Followed by churches. St. Matthews Church, from Walton, was moved 42 kilometres to become Avondale Sky’s beautiful—and unusual—tasting room.

As with all wineries, the quality of the wine depends on terroir (the land and soil) and the skill of the winemaker. Ben Swetnam graduated from the Niagara College Winery and Viticulture Program. He had practiced his craft in other Nova Scotia wineries as well as in Germany before moving to Avondale Sky. Since the move in 2009, Ben has created products for a broad range of tastes.

To taste the wines that result from this beautiful place and the skilled hand of this experienced winemaker, simply visit your local NSLC.

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