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NS Craft Beer Week

Nova Scotia Craft Beer Week, hosted by the Craft Brewers Association of Nova Scotia, is the largest celebration of craft beer in eastern Canada. It features over 15 events hosted all over Nova Scotia and draws craft beer enthusiasts from across Canada and the United States.

  • April 26-29: Cape Breton Double Header Tap Take Over Weekend & Kitchen Party hosted by Jamieson’s Irish Pub
  • April 27: Craft Beer Week Pub hosted by Glasgow Square Theatre
  • April 27: Cape Breton Full House hosted by Craft Brewers Association of Nova Scotia
  • April 27:  Schoolhouse Brewery 101 Tap Takeover hosted by Schoolhouse Brewery
  • April 27-28: Suds, Shucks and Food Trucks hosted by Saltbox Brewing Company
  • April 28: Rotary Pizzafest 2018 hosted by Rotary Club of New Glasgow
  • April 28:  FREAKLUNCH BOT – I SMELL SUDS & CANDY hosted by Good Robot + Freak LunchBox
  • April 28:  TAPPED Truro Craft Beer Fest hosted by Langille & Colburne – More Than Events
  • April 28-29: Horton Ridge Open Malt House hosted by Horton Ridge Malt & Grain Co. Ltd
  • April 29: Crafty & Concrete by the light of the Pink Moon hosted by White Point Beach Resort
  • April 29: Beer, Boots and Food at Keji Seaside Adjunct! hosted by Boxing Rock Brewing Company
  • April 29:  DIVE BAR – Oysters with Afishianado hosted by Good Robot + Afishionado
  • April 29:  The 2018 Stillwell Open hosted by Stillwell
  • May 1:  Compliments Battle hosted by Good Robot
  • May 1:  Tidehouse vs 2 Crows: Beer Battle Round 2 hosted by aFrite Restaurant
  • May 2:  Two Strokes: Tattoos & Motorcycles hosted by Good Robot + Lyle Street Tattoo + Omen Tattoo
  • May 2-3:  Origins and Evolution of NS Craft Beer hosted by Battery Park Beer Bar
  • May 3: Tanner & Co. / Rime Restaurant Beer Dinner hosted by Tanner & Co. Brewing
  • May 3:  Just a lil’ Tap Takeover- Nano Brewery Edition hosted by Good Robot
  • May 3:  Tall Ship Sips – Silva’s Craft Beer Cruise hosted by Murphy’s the Cable Wharf
  • May 3:  Getting To Know Beer hosted by WAYFARERS’ ALE SOCIETY
  • May 4:  Under the Night Sky hosted by Meander River Farm & Brewery
  • May 5:  GOOD ROBOT’S BIRTHDAY BASH! hosted by Good Robot
  • May 5:  2018 Craft Beer Week Full House hosted by Craft Brewers Association of Nova Scotia
  • May 6:  Buzz’d Cuts hosted by Good Robot

Date & Time

April 27, 2018 - May 06, 2018