An apple tree full of bright red apples overlaid with a 'Proudly Nova Scotian

Nova Scotia Cider

Local cider has been delighting the taste buds of Nova Scotians year after year—and for good reason. Crisp, juicy and food-friendly, ciders are refreshing and versatile. And with orchards from coast to coast to coast, the best apples are hand-picked for pressing no more than a few hours away.

Growers to the Core

Nova Scotian roots in apple-growing trace all the way back to the 1600s, beginning with the first Acadian.. Today, our province harvests more than 40 delicious varieties. Like wine, you can actually taste Nova Scotia’s unique terroir in our homegrown cider. The warm days and cool nights of autumn allows apples like Honeycrisp to ripen to a more vibrant shade of red than they do in warmer climates, making them extra flavourful. But it’s not all about apples anymore. Today’s creative taste profiles go far beyond the original recipe, with infusions ranging from strawberry and blackberry to chai and rosé. What was once considered a seasonal beverage is now sought out year-round as a pairing for just about any occasion.

Get to know the Nova Scotia producers behind the local products that you'll find at the NSLC.

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