Nova Scotia Craft Beer

In Nova Scotia, we don’t have to look very far to find amazing beer produced by our own craft brewers. With a focus on innovation, quality and tasting experience, recent years have seen the craft beer industry explode.

As a way of ensuring the quality of their brews⁠—and following the widely embraced local food and drink movement⁠—many brewers use as many local ingredients as they can source. This includes hops and grains, plus a myriad of other added flavours like honey, spruce, coffee, lavender and other herbs, spices and fruits. And while each brewery has its own unique focus, each brewer would tell you that fresh, pure ingredients are key to creating the best beer.

The Craft Brewers Association of Nova Scotia

Established in 2011, The Craft Brewers Association of Nova Scotia represents over 50 breweries across the province, offering support and resources for brewers and popular tasting events to the public. At the NSLC, we’re proud to offer products from over 30 local breweries.

Get to know the Nova Scotia producers behind the local products that you'll find at the NSLC.

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