Good Tips

Consuming Responsibly

From pacing yourself to knowing your limits, consuming responsibly keeps you safe.

Jennifer from the Tantallon NSLC

"I believe that pairing wine with food for guests to elevate their experience is part of responsible consumption. That in experiencing the savoury, causes you to linger over your drink.  My pairing would be, Baco Noir with Sugah! Halifax's Black Pepper Dark Chocolate. Amazing food pairing." – Jennifer, NSLC Tantallon

Cheers to:

The ones who keep water on-hand.

Drinking water between alcohol beverages keeps you hydrated and slows your consumption. 

The ones who sip and savour.

Staying in control helps guarantee a good night. Kudos to those who pace themselves and have fun while sticking to their limits.

The ones who keep summer activities and alcohol or cannabis separate.

Don't plan physical activities when you're serving alcohol. People are more prone to accidents and injury when drinking or consuming cannabis.

Responsible Hosting

Part of being a great host is making sure your guests have options – good snacks, alcohol-free beverages, and a safe place to stay if they need it. Explore more tips and great recipes with our Hosting Guide.

Kara from the NSLC Springhill

"My tip would be; when entertaining have measured shot glasses and wine glasses so when people are mixing drinks they are not free pouring or over mixing and have a better idea of what they've consumed.  Even better have a designated bartender supplied with the tools they need to mix appropriate servings." - Kara, NSLC Springhill

Cheers to:

The hosts who keep spare pillows and blankets ready.

Giving guests the option to stay over helps keep everyone safe.

The friends with mocktail making skills. 

When hosting, having a mix of alcohol and alcohol-free beverages helps guests moderate their consumption and provides a safe option for designated drivers. 

The hosts who serve a filling meal. 

A big meal will slow the effects of impairment, helping make sure your guests consume responsibly. Discover recipes to add to the menu. 

Getting Home Safe

Making a plan for how you’re going to get home before you go out is a good way to have a good night.

Robin in an NSLC store with a sticker that reads, Good Tips.

“Always have something alcohol-free to serve to guests. My favorite is a big bowl of punch with lots of fruit and flavor. It's fun, tasty and more guests tend to refill more often and will even take a break from their alcohol beverages. I always have flutes filled with alcohol-free sparkling which makes guests feel like part of the party and of course have bottled water on hand.” – Robin, NSLC Joseph Howe Dr.

Cheers to:

The ones who know when to call for a ride.

Consuming alcohol or cannabis impairs your coordination, decision-making and reaction time. So cheers to the friends who have your back and help you get home safe. 

The friends who stay over and reminisce about last night over breakfast. 

When breakfast is part of the plan, everyone gets home safe and satisfied. 

The couples who take turns being DD.

Planning how to get home before you go out is a good way to make sure you arrive safely.