Store Canvassing

We take pride in being a good corporate citizen and good neighbour in the communities we serve. The Store Canvassing Program gives local charities the opportunity to solicit customer donations outside NSLC stores in their community. The Store Canvassing Program is one of the ways we are able to give back to the communities across the province.

This program is intended for community groups, such as sports teams, who live and participate in the same community as the NSLC they wish to canvass at. Canvassing is managed on a store-by-store basis at the discretion of the Store Manager. Please contact your local NSLC store for more information and to discuss available canvassing opportunities.


  • Canvassing is only permitted on Saturdays - maximum twice monthly.
  • The Store Manager must approve all canvassing activity and reserves the right to cancel bookings at any time.
  • A charity/cause will only be permitted to participate in the Store Canvassing Program once every six months.
  • Canvassers must not interfere with customers entering or leaving the store and are not permitted to harass customers in any way.
  • Canvassing is not permitted in NSLC parking lots or inside NSLC stores.
  • No canvassing is allowed in November or December because these months have been designated for the Royal Canadian Legion's Poppy Campaign (November) and the Salvation Army's Christmas Campaign (December). Please note that these two charaties are allowed to solicit donations inside the lobby entrance or exit of NSLC stores.
  • The charity/cause for the fundraising must be clearly displayed.
  • Solicitation must be conducted in a polite and business-like manner.
  • Supervision of children is mandatory. At least one adult per two minors must be in attendance at all times (minors are not permitted inside the NSLC).
  • Representatives of the organization must be appropriately dressed.

Persons not abiding by the above rules will be requested to leave NSLC premises immediately.

If you have any questions about store canvassing, please contact Laurie Vatcher at