Responsible Shopping Guide

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Keep the Good Going by shopping responsibly.

The NSLC is mandated to manage the sale of beverage alcohol in a responsible manner. We are committed to striking a balance by offering customer service excellence while promoting a culture of moderation. We work hard to achieve this goal with a focus on responsible sales in our stores and by providing innovative responsible consumption programs to all Nova Scotians.
Below is information that will help explain our standards and guidelines for ensuring that we are doing everything we can to provide a safe and responsible shopping experience for everyone.

Showing ID:

The legal age to purchase beverage alcohol in Nova Scotia is 19. Our employees are trained to ask any customer appearing to be under 30 years of age for proof of age. This is to reduce the risk of inadvertently selling to minors, who may look older than they really are. If you are asked for identification, regardless of your actual age, you must produce valid (not expired) ID, or we will not be able to process the sale.

We accept the following forms of acceptable photo ID:

  • Nova Scotia Driver’s Licence
  • Nova Scotia Identification Card
  • Canadian Passport
  • Canadian Citizenship Card
  • Certificate of Indian Status Card
  • Permanent Resident Card

If our employees are still unsure or question the validity of the presented ID, they may ask for a second piece of ID.

Minors & the NSLC:

The law in Nova Scotia prohibits the sale of beverage alcohol to anyone under 19 years of age. It is also illegal for anyone (even a parent) to purchase beverage alcohol and give it to any person under the legal age.

If you are a parent shopping in our stores with your child, please don’t ask your child or teenager to help you bring your purchase to the checkout counter. It is against our guidelines for minors to handle product while in our stores. For your convenience, we have shopping baskets and carts available in all of our stores and our employees are always happy to provide customer assistance.

If you are a young adult (19+) shopping in our stores, please do not bring your younger friends into our stores. We will ask each person in a group of young customers for ID to ensure that they are of legal drinking age. Only those able to provide valid proof of age will be permitted to stay in our stores. If our store employees suspect that a purchase is being made for a minor, they may refuse the sale. 

Intoxicated Shopping:

It is against the law to for us to serve customers that appear to be under the influence of beverage alcohol. Our employees receive best in class training and are required to use their personal judgement in these often difficult and challenging situations. In any case where intoxication is suspected, service will be refused.

If a customer suspected of being intoxicated has been refused service and is seen attempting to drive away from one of our stores, our employees are trained to call 911 to report the incident.

Respectful and Safe Shopping Environment:

We are committed to providing a safe, secure and respectful shopping environment for our customers and our employees. In order to verify your age to your ID, our employees may ask you to remove various items such as sunglasses, hoods, or ballcaps and/or hats. This is to make sure that they have a clear view of every customers face for ID verification purposes.

Serving All Customers:

To verify your age, our employees make observations of key facial features such as eyes, nose and mouth and compare them to the presented ID. If we cannot see your face clearly due to religious apparel, with your approval and when possible, we will respectfully provide a private area and the appropriate employees to confirm identification.

More Information Required?

If you have additional questions about our operating practices and guidelines, please contact