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The responsible sale of alcohol is a public trust we have been taking seriously since 1930. Every day, our employees face the difficult task of determining who is and who might not be 19, Nova Scotia’s legal drinking age.

Our We ID program requires that customers who appear to be under 30 years old or under are routinely asked to provide valid identification. Why 30 years of age? We conducted a series of focus groups with our retail employees to learn more about the challenges faced at store level when asking customers for identification. Overwhelmingly, the “twenty-something” age group was identified as being the most confusing.

The results? Our retail employees asked for valid proof of identification on more than 1.6 million sales transactions last year with the majority of these asks being related to question of age. Just over 11,000 sales were refused due to question of the validity of the identification presented.

We’re committed to keeping beverage alcohol out of the wrong hands and will continue to build awareness of this program among our younger customers.