Greener Buildings

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The NSLC is committed to sustainable building design with a focus on the following areas: heating/cooling, lighting, building envelopes and materials. We use sustainable building practices and standards, proposed by our consultants, for NSLC-owned base buildings and when retrofitting or renovating existing sites, added efficiency measures are implemented where possible.  

Energy Investment Program

Reducing energy consumption is a top priority: The utilities consumption in all our stores, Head Office and Distribution Centre are carefully analyzed. This helps us to target efficiency improvements and renovations we can make.

Tapping into Natural Gas

We’re committed to making business decisions based on the principles of sustainability. Natural gas provides an efficient, safe and cost-effective energy solution and is the cleanest of all fossil fuels. We’re proud to use natural gas in 7% of our network and will consider usage of this energy source as it becomes more widely available throughout Nova Scotia.