Zero Waste

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Waste Audits

We define Zero Waste as the diversion of 95% of solid waste from Nova Scotia landfills. Working with our waste service provider, we conduct waste audits annually to measure our solid waste and ensure compliance. Our 2019/20 audits indicated that all participating stores and our Head Office and Distribution Centre met our targets.

Liquid Waste Program

As with any retailer dealing with consumable products, we occasionally encounter breakage, overage product or other quality issues. As a retailer of liquid product, we take extra care to ensure that our waste does not endanger our local water supply. In each of our stores, we collect all liquid waste and it is securely handled by a contracted service provider. The liquid waste is processed through a distillation column to remove ethyl alcohol which poses a threat to the water supply and the remaining liquid is then released safely into a man-made water facility.

Recycling Statistics

Nova Scotians know that our province is too good to waste! Since 1996, Nova Scotians have been recycling approximately 80% of the beverage containers sold in our province through the refund-deposit system. This is one of the highest return rates in North America!