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If you are an agency store owner in Nova Scotia and you're looking for current information about how to do business with us, you're in the right place. This is where you will find current announcements, promotional period information, price lists and what's new at the NSLC.

Information for Potential Agency Store Requests

Agency Agreement

Agency Store Information

Agency Store Manual

Current Promotions Information - P2 May 8 -  June 11, 2023

P2 Agency Red Sale Cards

Price Lists & Reviews

May 2023 Price List

NSLC Local Product Information

NSLC Local Product List


Agency Store Coupon Voucher Process
Agency Store Redeemed Coupon Voucher Form
Breakage Log


Spirit Shelf Cards
Wine Shelf Cards
Beer Shelf Cards
Cider Shelf Cards
RTD Shelf Cards

Agency Store Reference Material

Basic Pallet Configuration
Product Overage and Expiry Guide

Service Excellence Centre Operating Hours 
Audit Check-list
Signage Spec Sheet  

Expiry Date and Code Sheet
Agency CORE List Knowledge Bank

Introducing the Agency Dashboard
Online Timing and Deadlines for Agency Stores
How to Create an Agency Store Order
Good to Know for Agency Stores
How to Use Order Sheets
How to Review and Edit Your Billing Information
How to Use Reports
How to Use Search

Home Delivery Information

Learning Centre 

Agency Store Learning Centre Guide
NSLC Learning Centre

Courses offered are:

  • Responsible Retailing

Corporate Responsibility

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