Frequently Asked Questions

The Port

  1. Where is The Port located?

    The Port is located in downtown Halifax at 5485 Clyde Street. It has complimentary customer parking spots located in our secure underground parking lot on Birmingham Street. Parking tickets are validated with a purchase from The Port. More store details about The Port.

  2. What are the hours of operation?

    Our standard operating hours are 10:00am - 9:00pm Monday through Saturday and 12:00pm - 5:00pm on Sunday.

  3. What is different about The Port from other NSLC stores?

    The Port is where we sell our most unique assortments of wine, beer and spirits from around the world. Many of these products you won't find at your local NSLC — we call these our Port Exclusives. Other products are either rare or only here for a limited time.

  4. Can I buy all products at The Port online?

    Yes, all products sold at The Port are available for purchase online and will be sent to the store of your choice. Shipping is free for orders over $75. Orders of less than $75 will be subject to a $20 (plus tax) shipping charge. For more information on online shopping, please see the Shopping Online FAQs below.

  5. How often does new inventory come in?

    We frequently review our product assortment to ensure a diverse offering. Check the online store regularly to look for new products or ask our team at The Port.

  6. What products will I find at The Port?

    At The Port, you’ll find rare, unique, exclusive and limited supply products. Whether you’re looking for the perfect pairing for an upcoming meal or a rare product to add to your collection, you’ll find it all at The Port in-store and online.

  7. Where can I park my car to shop at The Port?

    Enjoy complimentary customer parking in the designated parking spots located in our secure underground parking lot on Birmingham Street. Parking tickets are validated with a purchase from The Port. More details are available in-store.

  8. What types of events are at the Port?

    We hold a Discover Event Series featuring beer, wine and spirits, hosted by The Port’s Customer Experience Manager and Certified Sommelier, Dave Pieroway, as well as other industry experts. Each week, you’ll learn about a new topic and experience a guided tasting of many unique products.

    Each series runs for four weeks, and tickets can be purchased at The Port or online $60. See what events are coming up.

Online Shopping

  1. How do I shop online?

    We’ve got lots of interesting wines, beers and spirits lining our shelves at The Port, but it’s important to us that no matter where you live, you have access to these exclusive products too. That’s why we’ve also made many of these exclusive products available to buy online. When you find products you’d like to buy, select the desired quantity and add them to your cart. When you’re finished shopping, click the Shopping Cart link in the top right of the page to review your cart. Click the checkout button to begin the checkout process.

    Begin your online shopping experience.

  2. How do I access my Shopping Cart?

    To access your shopping cart at any time, click the shopping cart icon at the top right corner of the page.

  3. How do I cancel an order or change it after it’s been placed?

    Once your order has been completed you can call our customer service line to make changes or to cancel your order. Please call 1-800-567-5874.

  4. Who do I contact if I’m having technical difficulties when ordering?

    For assistance or to report any technical difficulties, please contact our customer service line at 1-800-567-5874.

  5. How often will new products be made available?

    We frequently review our product assortment to ensure a diverse offering. Be sure to check the online store regularly to look for new products.

  6. Why are there limited quantities of certain products?

    In some cases, we can only access certain quantities of products from our supplier. This is why some products may only be available while supplies last.

  7. If I order a product that has limited quantities and complete the checkout process, am I guaranteed to get the item I ordered?

    Due to limited quantities, we are not able to guarantee the inventory of a purchased product. In the case where we do not have enough inventory to fulfill your order, we will reach out to you directly to let you know and suggest a different product you may like.

  8. How do you decide what products to include?

    We strive to offer a line-up of products that appeals to our wide range of customers. A number of factors are considered including potential appeal, quality and price. Our philosophy is to offer you products online that may not be available in your store.

  9. Can I make suggestions for products?

    We welcome your feedback and suggestions. Please send your suggestions to

  10. Why do I have to provide personal details such as address and phone number?

    We require personal details to ensure the security of your credit card purchase. Your phone number is required so we can notify you when your order is ready for pickup.

  11. Do you store my email address for future communication?

    No. Your email address is only used for the order you placed online, and then it is deleted. We will only use the address you provide to let you know that your order was received, or if there are any issues with your order.

  12. Are there any delivery charges when I order online?

    Shipping is free for orders over $75. Orders of less than $75 will be subject to a $20 (plus tax) shipping charge.

  13. What are container deposit fees?

    Container deposit fees are applied to all wine, beer and spirit containers. Fifty percent of the deposits will be refunded when you return containers through the ENVIRO-DEPOT™ network. Find your nearest ENVIRO-DEPOT™.

  14. What type of payment is required to place an order?

    Payment can be made using a credit card. VISA, MasterCard and American Express are accepted. Complete payment information, including credit card account number, security code, and expiry date must be provided at time of ordering.

  15. Once I provide my credit card, is my order confirmed?

    Once you have completed the checkout process you will receive an order confirmation notification on screen and an electronic order confirmation will be sent to the email address you provide in the checkout process.

  16. What is your Return Policy?

    Returns will be accepted within 30 days of purchase, and credited to the original method of payment. Please keep your receipt for proof of purchase. Photo ID will be required.

  17. How secure is using my credit card online?

    Our credit card processing software is among the best available today for secure online commerce transactions. It encrypts all your personal information, including credit card number, name and address.

  18. How do you prevent minors from using this service?

    Government issued photo identification is required to pick up all online orders. The name on the ID must match the name of the person placing the order or, in the case of a gift, the name of the gift recipient. Store staff will check identification to ensure the customer is nineteen years of age or older.

  19. What are my shipping options?

    Online purchases are delivered to the NSLC store of your choice.

  20. How long will my order take?

    Your order will be delivered to the store of your choice in 3 business days. Please note that this can be impacted by weather and statutory holidays.

  21. How will I know when my order is ready to be picked up?

    The NSLC store receiving your order will call you at the phone number you provided during checkout when your order arrives at the store.

  22. Will I be mailed a final receipt?

    A final receipt will be included with your order when you pick it up at your selected NSLC location. You will also receive an email receipt when you place your order.

  23. What do I need when I pick up my order?

    Government issued photo identification is required to pick up your order. The name on the identification must match the name of the customer placing and picking up the order, or the name of the gift recipient, if applicable.

  24. What do I do if receive the wrong or damaged items?

    We make every effort to ensure orders are correct and delivered in good condition. Should you find an error or damaged item, please bring the items and your receipt to any NSLC store to arrange for a replacement.

  25. Can I purchase/order an item to give as a gift to someone else?

    Yes. To purchase an item as a gift, check the box next to “Is this order a gift” in your shopping cart. Note that all products in an order must be for the same gift recipient. The gift recipient must be at least 19 years of age and present government-issued photo identification to pick up the order.

  26. Will I get AIR MILES® points for my online orders?

    Yes. Base miles are accumulated for each $30 spent excluding all discounts, all taxes, bottle and container deposits, all gift cards, event tickets, environmental and other third-party fees. Bonus mile offers on select products are also available online. You must include your AIR MILES® Collector card number in the designated area during the checkout process to receive the AIR MILES®.

  27. Can I place an order for a gift recipient and myself in the same transaction?

    No. Both orders must be placed separately