Code of Business Conduct

At the NSLC, we are committed to conducting business in a manner that is responsible, accountable and that demonstrates the integrity of the organization. This is achieved through six key principles outlined in the Code of Business Conduct. These principles guide the conduct of NSLC employees, Executive Team and the Board of Directors. The Code of Business Conduct provides a detailed explanation of the key principles.

Reporting Violations

This page is intended for NSLC employees who wish to report a suspected violation of the Code of Business Conduct. A violation of the code is a serious matter and when this happens, employees are encouraged to report it using the methods provided below.

1. Discuss the issue with your immediate supervisor or manager

2. Contact any member if the NSLC Management Team, or any member of Human Resources or Corporate Security who you are comfortable discussing the issue with.

Given the potentially sensitive nature of these issues, you may wish to remain anonymous when reporting a violation. If this is the case, you have the option to seek help though the Confidence Line. The Confidence Line is a third party service that is separate from the NSLC, which allows employees to anonymously report violations of the Code of Business Conduct. It is a service that can be accessed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year through a toll-free reporting line or through E-web reporting. Once complete, all reports are sent to the NSLC Compliance Officer for review. You can submit an anonymous report through the Confidence Line the following ways:

3. Submit a report by calling 1-888-209-3159 (Toll Free 24/7)

4. Complete an online report by visiting

Reports sent to the NSLC Compliance Officer will be kept confidential to every extent possible while satisfying the need to conduct a thorough investigation of the violation. All reports will be reviewed within two business days by the Compliance Officer who will determine how and whether to initiate an investigation.