Five whiskies for everyone’s tastes

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Our Whisky Discovery Guide categorizes whiskies according to five taste profiles. These taste profiles have been designed to provide a sense of the style of the whisky.

Of all the whiskies you can get at your local NSLC, which should you try? Here are five to have on hand for each of the taste profiles included in the Whisky Discovery Guide.

  1. Jameson’s (Light & Fresh)
    Jameson's exhibits a well-developed nose with toasted wood and sherry undertones. Jameson's taste is distinctively smooth and sweet with mild woody and nutty notes.

  2. Glenora Fiddler’s Choice Whisky (Medium & Fruity)
    An elegant and traditionally made whisky that has wonderful nuttiness with a hint of hazelnut, maple, apple and sweet oak charters from aging in Kentucky bourbon barrels.

  3. Crown Royal Northern Harvest Rye (Medium & Spicy)
    This whisky boasts distinctive spice and oak aromas along with vanilla, butterscotch and pepper-like flavours. The finish, true to the Crown Royal style, is soft and creamy.

  4. Jim Beam Devil’s Cut (Robust & Complex)
    A devilishly good Bourbon with rich smoky and vanilla aromas, a full-bodied palate with a spicy finish.

  5. Bowmore 12 YO (Robust & Smokey)
    A big classic Islay style with a pungent nose full of smoke and seaweed. The palate is similarly flavourful with peat character and a great balance of sweet oak notes and salt flavours.


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