Two glasses of white wine with a sunset in the background overlaid with a 'Proudly Nova Scotian' badge and text that reads, 'Local Wine'.

Nova Scotia Wines

Nova Scotia’s vines are grown all across the province, from the rocky coastline of the South Shore, to the fertile soils of the Annapolis Valley, all the way to the highlands of Cape Breton. No matter where our wines are planted, they’re rarely more than a few kilometres from the water. It’s this cool climate and ocean influence that gives Nova Scotia wines their aromatic and lively palates, which pair perfectly with the local seafood we’re known for.

A Taste of Tidal Bay

Like Port to Porto or Champagne to, well, Champagne⁠—Tidal Bay is considered Nova Scotia’s signature white wine. Wines labelled as Tidal Bay follow strict production standards and must contain 100% Nova Scotian grown grapes. While each producer’s blend of these wines is slightly different, Tidal Bay wines reflect our province’s terroir and share a familiar crisp & light taste profile. Learn more about Tidal Bay wines and explore the newest vintages.

Wine Growers Nova Scotia / WGNS 

Since 2002, Wine Growers Nova Scotia (WGNS) has been championing our local producers. Serving as a voice for the local wineries and promoting their growth and development, WANS works to build on the industry’s success and bring our unique Nova Scotia wines to the world stage.

Get to know the Nova Scotia producers behind the local products that you'll find at the NSLC.

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