Special Orders

Please read the Special Order Process below before submitting the request form – there are steps you can take to help speed up the process. 

The Special Order Process

1. Ordering product not available in NSLC stores

Depending on where the product is travelling from, special orders can take time. There will also be minimum purchase requirement and additional charges for shipping and handling.

2. Minimum order quantity

The NSLC and the other Canadian liquor jurisdictions require customers to purchase a minimum of one case, per product of beer, wine and spirits. However, if we are required to source directly from a supplier, they may require a larger minimum to satisfy the order. Not every product is available to order.

3. How long does a Special Order take

When you submit a request for a special order, it is placed into a queue and handled in sequence. The demand for special orders is very high. After finding availability, sourcing the pricing and shipping, the process can take anywhere from 4 - 16 months depending on where the product is coming from.

4. International special order requests

We cannot guarantee any requests due to restrictions on international importing & exporting regulations beyond our control. If the product you are looking for is from a country/province/state that is not on this list, we are unable to bring it into Nova Scotia.

5. Providing us product information

You can check other Canadian liquor jurisdictions to see if they list the product you are looking for. Any product information you can obtain from these jurisdictions will better your process.

Another thing you can do to speed up the process is to research the product and find a producer name. If you are successful, you can reach out to them directly and inquire about a local supplier you can contact.

If you are successful in finding a producer/supplier, you can have them complete the appropriate listing application and attach it to your special order request form. This application provides necessary information for the team and will help expedite the process. Copies of these applications are below.

6. Submitting Your Request

If you have reviewed the information above and are ready to proceed, please click the button below. 

PLEASE NOTE: You can expect a confirmation email once your Special Order request is received. Be sure to check your junk folder as sometimes the confirmation emails get sent there, depending on what spam settings you have enabled. If you have any questions, please call 1-902-450-7511 or 1-902-450-5906.  

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