NSLC team member speaking into a microphone with a sign to the left that says for the good of our community.

Who We Are

We are the responsible steward of beverage alcohol and cannabis sales and distribution in Nova Scotia. Since 1930, we have come together for the good of our province, returning 100% of our profits to help support key public services. Our team of knowledgeable employees is all about celebrating good choices – whether it’s helping you choose a unique product offering or getting home safe.

With 175 retail locations, we are proud to serve just about every corner of this beautiful province we call home. We are committed to being a trusted retailer, partner, employer and responsible industry steward that Nova Scotians expect. Ultimately, we’re about the good we do – from responsible sales, to the impact we have on the communities we serve, and the financial contribution we make that helps create a stronger Nova Scotia.

Responsible Retailing
Environmental Commitment
Home Delivery

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