Responsible Retailing

Responsible retailing is at the heart of our organization, and we commit to taking our programs and initiatives to the next level by weaving the responsibility theme throughout our organization. We believe in responsibly offering the products we’ve been entrusted to sell. 

Learn more about our efforts in the responsible retailing of cannabis

What are you willing to miss? Don't drive impaired.

Get Home Safely

Through our “Get Home Safely” campaign, the NSLC encourages Nova Scotians to reflect on life’s most important moments and celebrations, and what is at stake when you make the choice to drive impaired.

Learn how to make a plan for a safe ride home

19+ Always have your ID ready


Our retail team challenges more than two million customers for ID every year, helping to keep our products out of the hands of minors. If you look under 30 years of age, please have your ID ready when shopping in store or awaiting a home delivery order. 

Visit our ID page for more information on accepted forms of identification.

Know Your Pour. Beer 341ml/12oz 5% alcohol, Wine 142ml/5oz 12% alcohol, Spirits 43ml/1.5oz 40% alcohol

Know Your Pour

Understanding Canada’s standard drink guidelines can help you pace yourself and moderate consumption. 

Learn how to Know Your Pour

Keep it social . ca

Keep It Social

Keep It Social is a student-led partnership promoting responsible beverage alcohol and cannabis consumption, personal choice, and a culture of moderation.  Keep It Social ambassadors empower fellow students to reduce their risks and respect their limits. Keep It Social is not an anti-consumption campaign, but a platform to educate about responsible consumption, remembering your night, and having a good time.

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Additional Resources

Hands making a heart over a pregnant belly

Preventing FASD

 If you are pregnant or are planning a pregnancy, learn more about preventing FASD.

Group of people in front of broken glass

MADD Canada

MADD Canada's mission is to stop impaired driving and to support victims of this violent crime.

Image of outside of NSLC Clyde St Cannabis store

Responsible Retailing of Cannabis

Please visit our Cannabis website to learn more about Responsible Retailing with Cannabis

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Mental Health and Addictions Resources

There are thousands of mental health and addictions professionals who provide support, programs, and services to Nova Scotians across the province. 

Home Delivery

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