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If you are an agency store owner in Nova Scotia and you're looking for current information about how to do business with us, you're in the right place. This is where you will find current announcements, promotional period information, price lists and what's new at the NSLC.

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Current Announcements

Quality Assurance-1025384 Jacobs Creek Moscato 250ml Can 

The supplier has contacted the NSLC with concerns that the flavour profile of the following product does not meet their quality standards.

• 1025384 Jacobs Creek Moscato 250ml Can

There is no health risk to the consumer.

Please write-off all inventory using code #1170 (off taste).

The product has been delisted by the supplier. Please increase the facings of the products on either side of it to fill its space on shelf.

This affects the can version of the wine only.

P9 Additional LT's

LT’s have been added to the following 2 new rum listings for P9 – to line up with the existing LT’s for the 1140ml glass bottle listings;

  • 1028730 Captain Morgan White (PET) 1140ml – LT $1.29
  • 1028726 Captain Morgan Spiced (PET) 1140ml – LT $2.50
     Promotion # 1010786 and 3000859
  •  1000016 Sol Lager 6x330ml - $2.00 LTO
  • 1014789 Granville Lions Winter Ale 6x341ml - $2.00 LTO


Incorrect Label – 1000051 CAPTAIN MORGAN WHITE 375ml

Please review all inventory of the following:


1000051 CAPTAIN MORGAN WHITE 375ml – F assortment


We received and shipped out about 39 bottles of the "West Coast" version which is a different liquid. The supplier has instructed us to dump and bill back using manufacturer's code 1180 – Torn/No Label. Our labels indicate "East Coast".


LTO added to 1020461 RICKARDS RADLER 12x355ml Cans

We have decided to add a late LTO to article 1020461 RICKARDS RADLER 12x355ml Cans to clear out some inventory that will be expiring this coming April. A $2.00 LTO has been added today and you can print your signage using promo code 1010720.

• An email has been sent out to the agency store network this week with instructions on how to access the new NSLC Learning Centre site.
  If you have any questions or for support, please email:

Packaging Issue – Rockstar Beverages

Due to a change in labelling standards updated by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA), our current supply of Rockstar Beverages do not meet the standard. All Stores are asking to dump the following products:
• 1004426 – Rockstar 473ml
• 1009394 – Rockstar 4x355ml
• 1022944 – Rockstar Fruit Punch 473ml

All products should be dumped and charged to Manufacturers Breakage code – 1180 Torn/No Label.

New product will be available for order in the DC by May/June 2019.


Contact Information

Don Barter
Cell  (902) 237-2751
Work  (902) 450-7519