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If you are an agency store owner in Nova Scotia and you're looking for current information about how to do business with us, you're in the right place. This is where you will find current announcements, promotional period information, price lists and what's new at the NSLC.

Information for Potential Agency Store Requests

RFP Form
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Agency Store Information

Agency Store Manual
Contract Template
Agency Store Locations
Agency Store Permitted Hours of Operation
Promotional Period Dates & Calendar Occasions 2017 - 2018

Current Promotions Information - P2 May 8th - June 11th

Limited Time Wholesale Red Sale Shelf Articles
Added Values with NSLC Host Products
Labatt Atlantic Agency Promotional Activities
Labatt OTO Promotional Products Sell Sheet
Molson Agency Store Programming
Gibsons's Finest BOLD - Sell Sheet
Goslings GSR - Selll Sheet
Tullamore Dew  - Sell Sheet
Pump House Crafty Radler - Sell Sheet
Top Agency Store Retail Sales Opportunities 

Price Lists & Reviews

May 2017 Price List
Beer Listings
RTD Listings
Beer De-Listings
RTD De-Listings


Pre-Authorized Payment Form
RFP Form
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Breakage Form
Agency Store Beer Voucher Tracking Form

Agency Store Reference Material

2017/18 NSLC Promotional Periods
Breakage Codes
Basic Pallet Configuration
Product Overage and Expiry Guide
NSLC Inside Sales Operating Hours (Link to Licensee Info Page)
Ordering Schedule
Armour Transport and TDR Dispatch Contacts
Audit Check-list
Internal and External Signage Spec Sheet

Holiday Chart & Signage 2017

2017/18 Holiday Chart
Boxing Day 
Canada Day
Labour Day
Natal Day
New Year's Day
Remembrance Day
Thanksgiving Day

Learning Centre 

Agency Store Learning Centre Guide
NSLC Learning Centre

Learning Centre Courses:

  • Responsible Retailing 201 - Introduction
  • Responsible Retailing 201 - Potentially Dangerous Scenarios
  • Responsible Retailing 201 - Difficult Customers
  • Responsible Retailing 201 - Theft
  • Responsible Retailing 201 - Robbery
  • Responsible Retailing 201 - Suspicious Packages, Bomb Threats & Active Shooter


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Agency Store Hours

Agency Store Permitted Hours of Operation

Current Announcements

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Contact Information

Don Barter
(902) 450-7519