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    In August 2019, we released updated NSLC Advertising Guidelines for our vendor community encompassing both of our product lines, Beverage Alcohol and Cannabis. These guidelines will be helpful to you and should be kept top of mind when developing advertising campaigns for both traditional advertising and online channels. In addition, product labels are now considered to be part of your advertising and are also covered within these guidelines.


    We have developed a new version of our logo to add clarity to vendor/product advertising related to product availability in our stores. This logo is available to download below. It is not required that you use this logo in your advertising, but is preferred if you are referencing product availability. Any use of the NSLC logo or reference to our website must be approved by the category marketing team in advance of use. If you do not use our logo, but still wish to mention the NSLC, please do not add any punctuation or use bold or stylized fonts. (NSLC is correct, N.S.L.C. is incorrect)

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