Customer reading the back of a beer can at the beer fridge in an NSLC store.

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If you are a supplier with a current or potential listing this is where you will find information about doing business with us, including information for potential suppliers, advertising and logo usage, product testing, program information and applications, results and reporting, and pricing.

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    Our new Advertisement and Giveaway Policy is effective from January 1, 2023. The Policy was developed to set clear standards regarding advertisements and giveaways of beverage alcohol. It is governed by the requirements of the Liquor Control Act and Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation Regulations, and it applies to all manufacturers, industry associations, agents and retailers of beverage alcohol in Nova Scotia as well as all persons or companies advertising beverage alcohol in the Province of Nova Scotia. Labels are included as a form of advertisement. A guidance document has also been developed to provide further clarity and expectations for the Policy and Regulations.


    We have developed a logo highlighting that products are available at NSLC, and that uses a wordmark separate from the NSLC brand logo. The assets can be found below, along with guidelines for using the logo. The NSLC brand logo shall not be used in advertisements. The assets below should be used for any advertising or social media pieces. Please note that NSLC assets, excluding social media advertisements, shall require prior written approval from the NSLC Responsible Retailing Advisor ( and requires two weeks of notice for approval.

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