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Ready to join us on a global adventure of taste discovery? As much as it’s comforting to stick with what we know, it’s exciting to try something new. Especially when we can feel confident about branching out. Just follow our easy and informative Discovery Guides. Who knows, you might discover some brand new favourites! We offer so many wines, beers, spirits, coolers and ciders, you can easily stay near your comfort zone, or explore far from it. Let our Taste Profiles be your guide!
Beer Discovery Guide
Find a
beer quiz
Tapping into
local beer trends
How to
host a beer tasting
A beer pairing
for every season
Your guide to the
world of beer
Beer lovers
can love a cider too
Wine Discovery Guide
Find a
wine quiz
Pairing grape
varietals with food
Bright orange sunset over vineyards
A taste of 
New World Wines
Beaujolais Nouveau
Get to Know Beaujolais Nouveau
Learn More
Sparkling wine
Whisky Discovery Guide
Discover Your Tastes Mixology
Mixology Discovery Guide
Find a
whisky quiz
A mixed bourbon drink garnished with an orange slice and a cherry.
New Twists on
Classic Bourbon Cocktails
Whisky in a decorative glass.
Get to know
Single Malt Scotch
by region
Whisky served neat in a glass.
Discover what's new with
Irish Whisky
single malt regions
Discovery Exploration
Two glasses close together with rum in them
Discover rum's
Sippable side
Vodkas that call
Nova Scotia Home
A brief
history of gin
A mixed rum drink sprinkled with cinnamon and garnished with a cinnamon stick
Crafting seasonal cocktails
with Bacardi rum
Cider Discovery Guide
Find a
cider quiz
How to pair cider with
seasonal fare
How do you like
them apples?
Raising glasses of cider with friends
Cider house trends
Bulwark: A cider that’s
worth its weight in gold