How do you like them apples? The many flavours of cider

There is a lot more to making great cider than just pressing and fermenting any apple variety. Most ciders are not made from just one type of apple. Cider makers have known for centuries that certain apple varieties are more suited to cider production than others and generally speaking, better cider is made by blending different varieties of apples that showcase different flavour profiles.

Cider’s family tree

We’ve recently launched the Cider Discovery Guide. Each of the dozens of ciders available on our store shelves are now categorized into three distinct, colour-coded taste profiles based on the sweetness level of the cider. There are three versions within the cider category — Dry, Medium Dry and Sweet.


There is more to understanding a cider than just its sweetness level. We’ve also identified them according to their style. There are three different styles: Apple, Pear and Flavoured. Apple and Pear are identified according to the fruit used to make the cider, while the Flavoured style is used for brands that have had an additional flavour added to the base.

Flavours, origins and food pairings

Like our Wine Discovery Guide, you’ll also find information on the specific flavours you’ll find in each of our ciders, where the ciders originate from and some helpful food pairing suggestions. Discover the world of ciders with our Cider Discovery Guide. Cider is a more versatile pairing than you might think. Its fresh apple flavours and natural carbonation strike a match with a number of seasonal dishes. The cider’s sweetness level and its relative intensity can play an important role in how its partners best with a variety of seasonal dishes.



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