A closeup of a Clamato juice-based drink in a glass, the rim covered in child powder and salt with a paper straw.

The Diablo Michelada

  • Recipe Type Drink
  • Servings 1

Occasions Magazine feature cocktail, Summer 2019.


1/2 tsp + pinch chili powder

Sea salt

10 oz Good Robot El Espinazo Del Diablo

5 oz of Clamato juice

1 oz lime juice

2 drops Worcestershire sauce

2 drops hot sauce



1. Combine sea salt and chili powder in a small, shallow plate or bowl.

2. Moisten the rim of a 16-ounce pint glass with a lime wedge and then dip it into the sea salt mixture to coat the rim.

3. Fill glass with ice.

4. Add the Clamato and lime juice to the glass.

5. Add Worcestershire, hot sauce and pinch of chili powder to the glass.

6. Fill with the Good Robot El Espinazo Diablo

7. Stir and enjoy.