Cider house trends

Raising glasses of cider with friends

Cider is a beverage of choice for many Nova Scotians. As a result, a wide range of new cider flavours, styles, and varieties have started to crop up from small local cider houses, as well as from some of Canada’s top wineries.

“Last year we saw a 200-percent increase in cider sales”, says Sean Sears, president of Halifax-based Shipbuilders Cider.

The recent turn toward cider is showing no signs of slowing down. From new flavours to new production methods, craft cider is becoming more complex and even more delicious all the time.

What’s trending right now in cider?

Barrel-aged and spiced

Cider styles keep evolving as producers such as Muwin Estates, producers of Bulwark Cider, continue to champion innovation in the form of new cider styles, including barrel-aged, spice, hopped, and fruit-infused versions.

Seasonal flavours

Experimental and seasonal flavours are finding their way to our shelves, such as Chai Spiced and Wild Blueberry Cider from Stutz, and Raspberry and Pear Cider from Noggins.

Expanded flavour profiles

Ciders with more complex or dry taste profiles are quickly becoming fan favourites, such as ShipBuilders.

Food and cider pairings

Cider will join wine at the dinner table as local sommeliers and chefs discover the possibilities in food and cider pairings. Expect to hear about more cider events, including cider and food pairing dinners.

The best way to learn about local cider trends is to get out and visit your local bars, restaurants, and brewpubs. Sample a few different local ciders and don’t be shy to talk to your bartender or server about the Nova Scotian ciders they stock.


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