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Sunset over vineyards bordering the Bay of Fundy

Perched on the shores of the Minas Basin, not far from Canning, Blomidon Estate is home to some of Nova Scotia’s oldest vines — the first of them having been planted in 1986. During the vineyard’s early history, all grapes produced were sold to the Jost Winery in Malagash. Blomidon’s first step in its own evolution as a producer of world-class wines began when it was purchased by the owners of Creekside Estate Winery in Niagara, Ontario. They quickly set about building the onsite winery and extending plantings.

Further investments in the quality of the vineyards and winery infrastructure came when the estate was sold again, this time to the Ramey family, in 2007. Since then, Blomidon has become widely recognized as one of Nova Scotia’s most exciting wineries. Bringing a breadth of experience from wineries in France and New Zealand, native Nova Scotian Simon Rafuse has been the resident winemaker since 2009. Simon was soon joined by Harold Gaudy who’d spent a decade working on vineyards in the Okanagan. Together they developed a dedication to producing 100% Nova Scotian grapes and a deep respect for the estate’s unique terroir.

The result has been wines of exceptional taste and quality, not to mention numerous national and international awards.

Blomidon's extensive offerings include a range of reds, whites, desserts and rosés.

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