The legend of Glenora Distillery

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The legend of Glenora Distillery

Established in 1990, Glenora Distillers fulfilled the dream of the original owner, Bruce Jardine, to build a single malt whisky distillery in a very Scottish part of Cape Breton Island. The distillery, featuring traditional copper pot stills, is one of a kind. Recognized as the first single malt whisky distillery in North America, they’ve also produced the world’s first single malt whisky aged in icewine barrels. Here are just three reasons why Glenora Distillers is one of the best.

1. Purity of approach

Since water is probably a whisky’s most important ingredient, Bruce made sure that the water he used was tied directly to Cape Breton. The distillery’s water comes from MacLellan’s Brook, the purest and cleanest source of water on the island.

2. A tradition of excellence

After the construction of the distillery in 1990, initial production yielded 20 barrels of the first single malt whisky produced in North America. Production continued and in November of 2000, the first bottling of Glen Breton Rare was released. The first 500 bottles filled were numbered, signed, boxed and destined to become collector’s items. The distillery is now proud to celebrate their 25th anniversary with a special edition Glen Breton 25 Year Silver Anniversary Package.

3. The taste of originality

Glen Breton Rare 8-Year-Old was Glen Breton’s first single malt whisky and the first produced in North America. It sold out not long after hitting the shelves in 2000. Since then the distillery has introduced many new product offerings including Glen Breton Rare 10 Year, 14 Year, 19 Year and 25 Year.

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