Four different brews of beer served in four differently shaped glasses.
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How to choose the right beer glass.

Serving beer? Don’t hand someone a bottle or can. The flavours and aromas of a beer are best enjoyed after pouring it into a glass. And the right glass makes all the difference. Drinking a beer from the proper glass will keep it cold longer and enhance its flavour.

Here’s how you do it

  • Step1

    Different glasses are designed for different types of beers.

    Here’s how you do it
  • Step2

    Serve stouts and porters in a beer mug (also called a stein). Serve wheat beers and pilsners in a tall, tapered pilsner glass, Serve Belgian ales, lagers and IPAs in a stemmed, tulip-shaped glass. Serve bitters and dark ales in a traditional pint glass.

    Here’s how you do it
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