Choose a theme for your wine tasting.

Charcuterie place setting with two glasses of wine and French flag in the wheels of cheese

Hosting a wine tasting without a specific theme in mind can be overwhelming. With so many wines and regions to choose from, picking a theme can help narrow your focus and make it much simpler to plan an unforgettable event that your guests will love.

It’s easier than you might think to come up with a theme for your tasting. Maybe your friends prefer wine from a specific country or region. Or perhaps you’d rather stay local and explore the many different wine varietals of Nova Scotia. With a little imagination, you can create a memorable themed wine tasting that you can also extend to your décor, food pairings, and even your event soundtrack.

A trip through Europe.

Italy and France, in particular, are known for their amazing wines. Why not select your favourite European country and theme your tasting accordingly? Let’s say you choose France. You can serve a menu of French-inspired cuisine to pair with your wines, decorate your living room and kitchen with distinctive French touches, and create a French playlist filled with songs from Edith Piaf, Serge Gainsbourg, and maybe even Daft Punk.

Taste your way through Nova Scotia.

We have an abundance of incredible wineries right here in Nova Scotia. Host a locally themed tasting where you serve only Nova Scotia wines paired with locally-sourced snacks. Check out your local farmer’s markets to help plan your menu.

Inspired by the silver screen.

Wine plays a supporting role in lots of famous films. But there are also a handful of films where wine steals the show. Why not host a tasting inspired by your favourite film about wine? A popular option is a tasting based on the movie Sideways (2004) where you serve your guests a selection of Pinot Noir from California (just make sure you don’t accidentally serve a bottle of Merlot!). A Good Year (2006) is another wine-related movie about a winery in Provence. To theme your tasting after A Good Year, serve wines from Southern France and pair them with a selection of fresh and seasonal Provence-inspired snacks.

Don’t forget to use the Wine Discovery Guide.

Our Wine Discovery Guide is a helpful tool that divides all of our products into specific tasting profiles. If you’d rather not choose a regional or film-inspired theme, maybe you’d rather host a monthly tasting event where you select a particular taste profile each month and explore the many different wines that fit within it.

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