Meet Nova Scotia's Craft Brewers

NS Craft Beer Week

Meet Nova Scotia’s craft brewers

1. Propeller Brewing Company

Propeller Brewing turns 21 this year and what an adventure the past two decades have been. Since opening, Propeller has been a pillar of the Nova Scotia craft brewing scene. Owner, John Allen, has never been one to brag about their accomplishments, but as they celebrate their 21st anniversary, they are going to be “a little less quiet in talking about our quality and craftsmanship”. Expect to see new packaging, unique one-hit-wonder beers and a series of community events as part of their celebrations.

2. Garrison Brewing Co.

Also celebrating its 21st anniversary this year, Garrison Brewing is another pioneer in Nova Scotia’s craft beer movement. A lot has changed since owner, Brian Titus, first opened the brewery in 1997. The brewery has moved twice and is now firmly entrenched at their flagship Seaport location, by the ocean and the city’s famous market. Expect big things from Garrison this year including a number of craft brews made in partnership with other local brewers.

3. Big Spruce Brewing

Jeremy White, co-owner of Big Spruce Brewing, is a champion of the craft beer community, Cape Breton and the buy local movement. Based in Nyanza, Big Spruce opened in 2013 and since the beginning the certified organic brewery has focused on using as many local ingredients as possible. This includes hops, grown on their farm, and their own water, which is rich in mineral content making particularly suited to hoppy and dark beer styles. It’s an approach that makes the brewing process a little longer, but the quality and taste of their beers are proof that it’s worth the effort.

4. Tatamagouche Brewing Co.

Tatamagouche Brewing Company epitomizes the modern movement of the Nova Scotia craft beer industry. The brewery is located on the main thoroughfare of Tatamagouche, a small town on the North Shore, making it a central point of the community’s commercial district. Led by co-owner Christiane Jost and brewmaster Matt Kenney, they have not only become a central point of their community, they have become one of the Nova Scotias most respected breweries, delivering a consistent mix of mainstay brews and interesting seasonal offerings.

5. 2 Crows Brewing

It may be called 2 Crows but there are three passionate entrepreneurs behind Halifax’s newest urban brewing destination. Owners Mark and Kelly Huizink, along with brewer Jeremy Taylor, have sales of 2 Crows Brewing flying high. The centrally located brewery is a showpiece of Halifax’s brewing scene and their beers, masterfully crafted by Taylor—whose brewing experience extends from BC to the UK—are winning over customers with their classic styles and modern flavours.

6. Nine Locks Brewing Co.

Nine Locks co-owner Shaun O’Hearn knows a thing or two about making artisan beers. The restaurateur-turned-brewery-owner cut his teeth in the craft beer world with Rockbottom Brewery, a brewpub located under Halifax’s popular Your Father’s Moustache. The relatively new brewery, co-owned with Shaun’s cousin Danny, has been producing popular brews since it opened and now has a robust selection craft beers available in NSLC stores.

7. North Brewing

Peter Burbridge, owner of Halifax’s North Brewing, brews beer in the Belgian style, which is a different approach from most craft brewers in Nova Scotia. The choice, along with Burbridge’s commitment to the environment, immediately distinguished North Brewing from its competitors. Burbridge started small – 300L batches – but in the three years since opening, North Brewing has increased production to meet their growing demand. Despite its growth, the brewery hasn’t lost sight of its roots and continues to make some of Nova Scotia’s most distinctive brews.

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