A bottle of wine on top of a hand drawn town with a banner that says "Buyers' Picks". Cover for a 30 second video.


Buyers’ Picks are unique, limited edition, seasonal wines and spirits; hand-picked by in-house experts with exceptional attention to industry trends and tastes. Five times a year, our team of Buyers hand-pick themed products which are available in select stores and online—and for a limited time only.

Looking for that special, hard-to-find wine or spirit? Find out which NSLC locations are part of the Buyers’ Picks program.


Our Buyers

With an impressive passion and understanding of all things wine, spirits and beer, our dedicated Buyers have travelled the world to bring unique finds from faraway places to our shelves. And with decades of industry experience, both of our Buyers love sharing all they know with their customers and the Product Specialist teams they lead, so you can always discover new products with confidence.
Peter leaning against a well-stocked bar next to a bowl of oranges.

Peter Rockwell, Wine Buyer

Peter leads the wine team at the NSLC. He is WSET Level 3 certified and has traveled to over 25 countries in search of new products to bring to our shelves. Look for him online @TheRealWineGuy.

Meet Peter

Jennifer standing in front of a bar stockpiled with liquor and citrus fruits.

Jennifer Katona, Spirits Buyer

Jennifer leads the spirits team at the NSLC. She is accredited with a WSET Diploma and enjoys any opportunity that blends people, wine, spirits and food! Follow her on Instagram @dogdaysofwine.

Meet Jennifer